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Chapter 305: Lord Yus Visit 4

“Oh yeah” Zhou Huaiyu asked with a flat look on his face.

He was part of the imperial family and he was used to all kinds of plans and conspiracies.

When Chaoyan was not mentioned, what he was aware of was that the Gu Mansion was totally unruly, but when Chaoyan was mentioned, he knew that something was wrong judging from the two peoples facial expressions.

Previously, all he knew was that Gu Chaoyan was the Elder Miss of the mansion, but he did not dig into that, but now… It seemed that the Gu Mansion, although tiny, was not as simple as it looked.

He did not seem to have noticed anyone coming to pick her up outside the Saint College the other day.

So something was indeed wrong here.

Zhou Huaiyu seemed to have underwood something within a short period of time, so his expression sank.

Although he knew that Chaoyan was not a girl easily bullied, he was feeling very sorry for her because she had to stay at the Gu Mansion like this.

Gu Zhenkang was still wearing a smile.

He did not like Gu Chaoyan, but he did not dare to show that in front of Lord Yu either.

So he explained.

“That girl went to the Jiang Mansion a few days ago.

If you want to see her, I will get someone to bring her back home.

Please hang on for a moment, or Xiuying can keep you company and give you a tour of the mansion”

Zhou Huaiyu frowned deeply and looked very displeased.

He was about to turn it down when he suddenly thought of something.

There were not so many Jiang Mansions in the city, could it have been that Jiang Mansion

“Which Jiang Mansion” Zhou Huaiyu asked with an angry tone.

“Madame Jiang, the Queens mother.” Gu Zhenkang said and could not help but let out a touch of pride.

He was going to let Zhou Huaiyu think highly of the Gu Mansion so that Xiuying could have a chance with him.

Hearing the name, Zhou Huaiyus expression sank.

He had underestimated Gu Chaoyan! Even Madame Jiang was defending her.

No ladies from any family had ever been able to get close to Madame Jiang, and Madame Jiang had only the Queen as her daughter.

So… he thought of Zhou Huaijin.

For some reason, he felt displeased when he thought that Gu Chaoyan might run into Zhou Huaijin at the Jiang Mansion.

He did not want to cause her trouble by making her come home from the Jiang Mansion, but he still nodded.

“Then go and get her.

Tell her that I am here asking for her.”

Hearing this, Gu Zhenkang showed a smiling face.

“Okay!” Then he took a look at Gu Xiuying and continued to say, “What about Xiuying showing you around”

Zhou Huaiyu nodded subconsciously.

Well, he was just curious to see how that girl grew up and where she was living.

He had no idea how someone like Gu Zhenkang got to cultivate a lovely daughter like her!

“You have many begonias here.” Zhou Huaiyu stated nonchalantly, as he saw begonias everywhere in the corner of the Gu Mansion.

Could it have been Gu Chaoyans preference so the flowers were planted

Gu Xiuying showed her face, but soon turned normal, as she answered obediently, “Sister likes it, so they were planted.”

Oh really Gu Chaoyan liked begonias That was weird.

Zhou Huaiyu smiled happily.


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