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Chapter 304: Lord Yus Visit 3

What Zhou Huaiyu said made Gu Zhenkangs face twitch.

Gu Xiuying had not noticed what happened, until she turned around and saw that she was the only girl in the hall.

Then she wore a very weird expression on her face.

As she came to the hall, she saw two maids standing right here.

Seeing the two maids looking pretty and dressed well, she knew that the two girls were up to something.

So she drove them away directly and remained here alone.

So since she was alone, the lord l kept looking at her.

However, now Gu Xiuying stomped her feet and turned to Gu Zhenkang, looking rather upset.


Gu Zhenkang was very anxious too.

He had not expected that Lord did not know Xiuying at all, but instead took her as the maid!

“Lord, this is my third daughter Xiuying, not the maid.” Angry as Gu Zhenkang was, he still spoke with a polite tone.

He was the lord so what more could he say

It was also his carelessness that caused the embarrassment.

Where were the maids in the hall!

Gu Zhenkangs face sank and turned to Chen Fu with a displeased look.

“Chen Fu, you have been working with us for a long time and you have not made one single progress! Where are the maids Why is no one here Are you asking me to serve the guest” He said with a heavy tone, though he was not bellowing at him.

With his head lowered, Chen Fu said, “It is my fault, I will get the maids here.”

Gu Zhenkang let out a heavy sigh, sounding rather furious.

Chen Fu was feeling wronged too.

There were maids waiting at the hall before, but the Third Lady came and beat them both before driving them away.

She even stated that no maids were allowed here!

What was he supposed to do apart from obeying the Third Lady!

Now a misunderstanding was caused and he had to take the blame.

With the lord here, his fault might be ignored.

However, when the lord was gone, he would have to receive punishment.

When Madame Gu was in charge in the past, she was never strict to the servants, but now the Gu Mansion was full of an angry air.

He sighed and continued to get the maids.

In the hall, Gu Zhenkang showed a smiling face, “Lord, we are correcting that immediately.”

Zhou Huaiyu frowned slightly and started to dislike Gu Zhenkang.

He didnt know any rules of how to behave properly!

He should have introduced the lady when he first walked inside, otherwise he would not have taken her as the maid.

Now when he, the Old Master made a mistake, he pushed the blame to the servant instead.

He never cared much whether he was served.

He could always serve himself.

If not for Chaoyans sake, he would have lost his patience.

“Lord, what are you doing here today” Gu Zhenkang asked.

Zhou Huaiyu took a deep breath.

He got so pissed that he almost forgot what he was here for.

“I am here to talk with Chaoyan, please get her.” Zhou Huaiyu felt much better as he thought of Gu Chaoyan.

He sounded more cheerful too.

Gu Zhenkangs face sank as he heard what he said.

Gu Xiuyings face turned pale too.

He was here asking for the trash, Gu Chaoyan Gu Xiuying was so angry that her fists were tightly clenched.

Why did everyone come here asking for that trash Was she even worse than her

Zhou Huaiyu could tell that the Gu Family was not behaving well when Chaoyan was mentioned.


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