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Chapter 303: Lord Yus Visit 2

Gu Zhenkang greeted Zhou Huaiyu politely.

“Greetings, Lord Yu.”

He was so obedient.

Zhou Huaiyu had been quite glad until he noticed that something was wrong.

Gu Zhenkang did not resemble Chaoyan.

He thought for a while and realized that Chaoyan never showed him any courtesy, and she had never even greeted him properly either.

Whatever, he was quite glad that the Gu Mansion treated him politely.

Since it was Chaoyans father, he also showed him equal courtesy.

He reached out for him and helped him up.

“It is okay, Officer Gu.”

After Lord Yus help Gu Zhenkang showed a bright smile.

Sure enough, he was here for one of his daughters.

Well, he knew that the Gu Mansion was just going through some bitterness before a hugely luxurious life was around the corner.

Now Ruxue was marrying Lord Ling and if Xiuying could marry Lord Yu… all would be great.

In this way, the Gu Mansion would be guaranteed to have a bright future.

After all, Chaoyan, the annoying girl, could still work for Lord Yu, and Lord Yu would care a little about her.

Whoever was going to be the King in the future, the Gu Mansion was safe.

At least one of them was going to have an endlessly luxurious life.

At that time, he would be granted the title of “The Kings Father-in-Law.”

Gu Zhenkang was in an even better mood as he thought about this.

He would have gone to his mother at Pear Garden and told his mother about all of these, if not for Lord Yus presence.

He would have shown her how he was bringing the Gu Mansion further and further into a bright future.

Leading the way, Zhou Huaiyu had no idea that Gu Zhenkang had made such a huge plan inside his head within a brief period of time.

However, the moment he walked into the hall, he had a feeling that some woman was staring at him.

Feeling unassured, Zhou Huaiyu took a look around for the woman and sat down, but no one else was in the hall.

Zhou Huaiyu waved at Gu Xiuying.

Deeply pleased, Gu Xiuying thought that Lord Yu was here for her.

Could it have been the visit to the temple, where Lord Yu spotted her beautiful face, that caused him to come to her door today

If that was the case, she would like to see how Gu Ruxue would reflect.

After all, Lord Ling and Lord Yu were both equally noble.

Gu Xiuying walked towards Zhou Huaiyu in a pretentiously pretty way as she thought about this.

“Lord, are you asking for me”

The moment Gu Zhenkang walked in, he saw the scene and thought that the two of them had met each other.

No wonder Lord Yu was here – he was going to visit Xiuying.

He should take care of his second concubine from today on.

Maybe he could start by spending the night there tonight.

Gu Zhenkang was already getting more and more absent-minded.

Seeing the scene, Zhou Huaiyu was more sure that the woman was a maid.

So he pointed at her and said, “You, serve me some tea.”

Gu Xiuying found that something was wrong, but Lord Yu probably did not want to be served by a maid, so she did it herself.

After all, she was serving a lord!

As he watched her serving the tea Zhou Huaiyu teased, “Officer Gu, you are not a highly-ranked man, but you are indeed living a very luxurious life – even your maid is dressed like a lady.”


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