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Chapter 301: Mistaken

As Lord Huai, Zhou Huaijin grew up in the imperial court where conspiracies and evil minds were found everywhere.

And as the most beloved son of the King, he was inevitably confronted with conspiracies.

Therefore, he had never relaxed, except when he was with Gu Chaoyan.

That was when he could totally relax and stopped thinking about those plans.

“You are a smart guy, how could you not think of this point” Gu Chaoyan looked a little worried – she had expected more of him.

Then she explained.

“He is such an excellent brewer, a loyal one too! Of course, we should get him to work for us.

We might not have been able to do that before, but now the Elder Princess has hurt him so deeply.

It will be much easier for us to get him.”

Gu Chaoyan looked a little proud as she was talking.

Actually, Gu Chaoyan had not thought about getting that man to work for her, but at the contest, he took the pill given by County Princess Anxi without any hesitation.

That meant that this man was honest and loyal.

He was going to be very practical for her!

With a hand supporting his head, Zhou Huaijin opened and closed his mouth as he watched her delivering the speech.

Then he pulled her over.

Being pulled over all of a sudden, Gu Chaoyan lost her balance and fell upon Zhou Huaijin.

Subconsciously, Gu Chaoyan tried to get up.

With the beautiful girl in his arms, Zhou Huaijin would not release her so easily.

He reached for her and held her tightly, staring at Gu Chaoyan with bright eyes.

Gu Chaoyans entire face flushed and her mind froze for a moment.

A long while later, she staggered.

“You… you are drunk, I will get Fu Bao to take care of you.”

“I am not drunk.” Zhou Huaijin replied resolutely, as he approached Gu Chaoyan.

“You are really drunk!” Gu Chaoyan stiffened.

She looked very nervous, as she tried to get rid of Zhou Huaijin.

Zhou Huaijin thought that she was just being shy, so he put some force into his grip.

However, when he noticed that he was wrong, he released his hands and caressed her head.

“Dont be afraid, I am not drunk, really.”

Gu Chaoyan calmed down a little.

She was not scared, it was just that she had never been so close to anybody and that made her nervous, just subconscious nervousness.

Zhou Huaijin caressed her head and moved away from her, fearing that she would be scared.

Then he thought for a while and said, “Sword One, come in and serve some tea for your miss.”

Sword One had just walked a step away when she heard her name called, so she rushed in directly.

She had thought about letting Lord and Miss spend some time alone together, and thought that she was not needed.

Soon she came with a kettle of tea.

“Miss…” Then she put down the kettle, thought for a while and said, “I… will be going out now”

“Just stay here.” Gu Chaoyan stressed.

Sword One was shocked.


At the Gu Mansion.

Zhou Huaiyu had made a deal with Gu Chaoyan that when the money was ready, he would get the money delivered to the Gu Mansion.

He had thought about asking his men to do the job, when he realized that he could do it himself – he was available today, anyway.

When Chen Fu passed on the message to Gu Zhenkang, he thought that he heard it wrong.

“Lord Yu is here Are you sure”

Chen Fu shook his head and said resolutely.

“Old Master, I would never mistake Lord Yu.

Also, no one would dare to impersonate him, would they”


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