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Chapter 300: Qin Mingjie

Qin Mingjie was the representative of Restaurant Jixian.

He had been brewing wine for generations, and no one was a match against him.

The hot-pot was a new thing for the public at Yellow Crane, and it had gained some popularity, but most of the Saint Divine Land folk liked wine better.

The fruit wine they were selling right now could keep the guests, so if selling wine was forbidden, Yellow Crane might lose its business very soon too.

Hot-pot could be copied and imported by other restaurants after all.

That was why he was worried and anxious.

Especially when he saw some fellows who came into the restaurant and looked very drunk.

Manager Song looked disappointed and said with a tone of consolation, “It is okay if we dont sell wine, we can always come up with other methods.”

Hahaha… Gu Chaoyan could not help but burst into laughter.

“Manager Song, we did not lose, so why are you so sad Get ready for the business, when Restaurant Jixian stops selling wine, we are going to become very, very busy.”

“What!” Manager Songs face was covered with disbelief.

“Did we beat Qin Mingjie”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Manager Song could not accept the news for a moment, but patted his head after calming himself down.

“That… is great! We are going to become very busy.”

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

Zhou Huaijin was a little tipsy, and he should have been driven back to Lord Huais Mansion, but he did not look as if he wanted to leave.

He insisted on resting a little at Yellow Crane.

Gu Chaoyan had to obey what he requested.

She took him to the guest room at the Yellow Crane.

The restaurant was big enough since it was a combination of several stores.

So apart from the dining area, there were still several guest rooms prepared for some passing travelers.

There was one room available today, and that could be used for Zhou Huaijin.

Gu Chaoyan helped him to the bed, and felt slightly tired.

She felt that his face was quite hot.

The wine at Restaurant Jixian did have a strong effect.

Gu Chaoyan did not think that he was that drunk when they were at Restaurant Jixian, but now he seemed very, very drunk.

Sword One got some water ready for Gu Chaoyan and left the room.

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh at the sight of the water.

She wiped Zhou Huaijins face for him.

She had never taken care of anyone, and did not know if she did it right.

Zhou Huaijin was smiling, not caring about what she was doing.

After she wiped his face, Zhou Huaijin felt slightly better, and did not look that red in the face anymore.

Gu Chaoyan said, “I believe that after Qin Mingjie returns to the restaurant, the Elder Princess might blame him for what he had done, and he might not have a good time.”

Zhou Huaijin sighed inwardly.

Oh god, his Yan was never in a loving mood with him.

What was she thinking about Qin Mingjie for

“Dont worry about him, he is a skilled wine brewer and his family have always been good at making wine.

The Elder Princess will not do anything to him since he is still alive.

He will still be needed to make wine! But I think that he is not going to have a great time now.” Zhou Huaijin said, “I have already gotten a hidden guard to follow him and make sure that he is safe.

I am drunk now! What are you worrying about him for Is he better looking than me”

Gu Chaoyan thought of the belly Qin Mingjie had, and shook her head.

“I am worried, because I think he can be used for something else.”

“Oh, what is that” Zhou Huaijin asked with a look of confusion.


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