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Chapter 289: Never Say Never

No matter how excellent that person might be, or how much he could drink, her space was always bigger.

She had not minded Restaurant Jixian stealing Yellow Cranes business, since business was just like this, but County Princess Anxi was so greedy that she intended to eliminate the whole liquor business of Yellow Crane! She was not very pleased with it, so she was not going to spare any efforts to eliminate the whole liquor business of Restaurant Jixian instead! In this way, Yellow Crane would become better and more popular.

Zhou Huaijin had told her something about this before.

Restaurant Jixian was running business depending upon Peach Flower Brew, which was an ancestor wine passed down through the generations.

If one day Restaurant Jixian stopped selling liquor, then that would mean the end of its business.

So she was actually in a good mood.

She went back to her own yard and started to read some medical books at home, which made Sword One very worried.

“Miss, the contest is coming tomorrow, are you going to practice or not” She had never seen Miss drinking any alcohol before, so this sudden contest made her very worried.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head with a smile, and continued to read her book.

Seeing that there was no need to get worried, Sword One stopped showing any concern any more.

The following day, Gu Chaoyan understood why Sword One stopped showing any concern, when she saw Zhou Huaijin standing in the yard with his arms crossed.

Sword One had found help!

“What are you doing here” Gu Chaoyan asked.

Before Zhou Huaijin could answer her question, a cheerful voice arose from behind.

“Brother, what are you doing here”

A pretty young man dressed in male clothes greeted his eyes.

Zhou Huaijin recognized who it was.

He frowned instantly.

“What are you doing here”

“I am going to Restaurant Jixian with Chaoyan.” Princess Xunyang took Chaoyans hands as she spoke.

Discomfort arose inside Zhou Huaijin.

He indifferently took hold of the hand inside Princess Xunyangs hands, and pushed away Princess Xunyang.

Since Zhou Huaijin was here, one more wagon was prepared.

Zhou Huaijin got Princess Xunyang to take the other wagon whilst he shared the same one with Gu Chaoyan.

As they two were seated in the wagon, Zhou Huaijin showed a look of seriousness.

If not for Sword Ones information, he would not have known that this girl was going to have such a competition!

The man from Restaurant Jixian was the heir of the brewery.

He grew up drinking alcohol! He was a strong man too, so how could Chaoyan beat him! Even if she could beat him, she would have to take in lots of alcohol, and he did not want Chaoyan to take the risk.

Whilst he stayed silent, Chaoyan was also seated there quietly.

After a while, Zhou Huaijin got even more furious.

He said with a stiff tone, “I will go and do the contest instead.”

Gu Chaoyan had been seated with her eyes closed, so she was startled by his words.

With eyes widened, she said, “You No, you wont be able to.

I will do it myself.”

Zhou Huaijin knitted his eyebrows.

He approached Gu Chaoyan and looked at her with a tight gaze.

“You should never sayyou wont be able to in front of a man, you know.”

Gu Chaoyan had not understood what he meant, and was about to counter him when she suddenly realized what happened.

She flushed slightly.

Subconsciously, she gave him a slight push.

“I dont mean that.”


“What I mean is that you wont be able to beat the man at Restaurant Jixian in wine drinking.”


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