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Chapter 288: Forbidden

None of the waiters was able to take the job, nor could the chefs in the kitchen.

Since Elder Miss agreed to do the bet, he had to turn to Lord to find someone equally skilled from Shadow Door.

They could not lose the bet!

Manager Song went through the whole plan and calmed himself down.

He looked at Gu Chaoyan and said, “Dont worry, Elder Miss, I will find someone fitting for this job.”

Gu Chaoyan blinked at Manager Song.

She was not asking Manager Song to find someone fitting!

She shook her head slightly.

“No need, I have already got a candidate.”

What Manager Song was surprised.

He let out a sigh of relief.

Since Elder Miss was prepared for the bet, then the problem would be solved.

No one from Shadow Door was good at drinking.

People from Shadow Door were not allowed to drink often so as not to miss work.

So if they had to find someone from Shadow Door, it had to be people with relatively better martial art skills and internal energy, at least better than those of ordinary beings.

“Who is it” Manager Song asked excitedly.

Hopefully, that candidate could help them win the bet.

“Me, of course.” Gu Chaoyan pointed at herself.

Manager Song was startled.

He almost lost his balance.

Luckily, he had no teacup in his hands right now, or he would have dropped it again.

He shook his head constantly.

“No, no, Elder Miss, you cant do the contest.

You are a girl, you are never going to beat the strong men!”

“Elder Miss, we made the bet, but we still have time to come up with a method.

We are definitely going to find someone who can do it!” Manager Song kept nagging.

For the first time in her life, Gu Chaoyan found Manager Song extremely noisy.

After Manager Song finished his speech, Gu Chaoyan patted Manager Songs shoulder.

“Dont worry, I am sure that I can win the contest, that is why I said yes to the bet! I will go and do the contest tomorrow, you dont have to worry about anything, just focus on Yellow Crane alright You are getting very busy!”

As she finished saying this she asked Manager Song to arrange some food for Princess Xunyang.

Princess Xunyang had never eaten hot-pot before, so she found the whole thing interesting.

She kept speaking highly of the food.

“Chaoyan, how did you come up with this method” Princess Xunyang asked casually as she was fully devoted herself to the food.

Of course, she borrowed the idea from her experience in the previous life.

Chaoyan made up a false story to counter Princess Xunyang.

When they finished the food it was already evening time.

As they came to the doorstep of the Jiang Mansion, Gu Chaoyan stressed.

“Princess, do not tell Madame Jiang about me joining the wine-drinking contest.”

Princess Xunyang nodded and promised with confidence.

“Dont worry, I wont.

I am not going to ruin your image!”

No girls would raise such a bet with anyone, after all!

Gu Chaoyan felt assured.

After spending some time with Princess Xunyang, she found her to be an innocent and happy person.

So she was worried that she would mention the incident in front of Madame Jiang.

As for wine drinking… She was not at all good at it.

A well-trained agent would not possibly have the chance to drink wine! However, she was still confident about this contest!


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