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Chapter 286: Restaurant Jixian

Gu Chaoyan almost got shocked by her sudden appearance.

After she calmed herself down, Chaoyan was about to greet Princess Xunyang formally when Princess Xunyang pulled her up.

“Chaoyan, I knew you were staying here, so I told Queen Mother that I need to be here.

Please bring me to have some fun!”

Princess Xunyang spoke carefully as if she were talking with a good friend whom she had not met for ages.

Gu Chaoyans face sank.

As far as she remembered, she only met this Princess once at the Lord Huais Mansion.

At that time, she was with County Princess Anxi! She thought that she was a good friend of County Princess Anxi!

Well… Before Gu Chaoyan was able to say anything, Princess Xunyang took hold of her hands and guided her into the yard saying, “You and Brother Lord Huai have opened a restaurant, havent you Bring me to the restaurant to have some fun, please.

I have never been out of the imperial court in my whole life.”

She sounded very pitiful.

She did have the intention of checking out Yellow Crane, but no one wanted to bring her there!

That made Gu Chaoyan a little confused.

As they walked into the yard, Sword One got them tea and snacks to eat.

Princess Xunyang was still nagging about going to the restaurant.

That gave Gu Chaoyan a headache, so she nodded.

“Then come with me to the Yellow Crane tomorrow.

You can also try our branded dish there.”

The moment Gu Chaoyan agreed, Princess Xunyangs eyes widened.

She nodded constantly.

Then she hurried off, saying that she was going to tell Madame Jiang about this.

Silence descended and Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relaxation.

Then she took up the cup and sipped the tea.

The scent of the tea spread around, making her feel rather fresh.

It was Puer tea that had been stored for a long time, fragrant with a unique taste.

She liked it very much.

As the teacup was emptied, Sword One filled the cup again and said as she put down the kettle.

“Elder Miss, do you find Princess Xunyang a little bit noisy Well, she has been living in the court throughout her entire life, that is why she is a little bit noisy when she is out of home.

She regards you as her friend, that is why she behaves like that.”

Gu Chaoyan looked at Sword One with confusion.

Her friend

Sword One could not help but burst into laughter at the sight of her Miss.

She explained, “The Queen has two children, namely Lord Huai and Princess Xunyang.

Lord Huai is three years older than Princess Xunyang, and he has been living outside the court for years.

Nevertheless, the brother and the sister have a great relationship.

So of course, Princess Xunyang is treating you as her own friend, when you are someone that Lord Huai likes!”

Gu Chaoyan was surprised.

She had not expected that Princess Xunyang was actually Lord Huais sister! Maybe it was because Zhou Huaijin also treated her coldly back at his Mansion, so she did not think about her identity in that way.

However, they were brother and sister!

Gu Chaoyan smiled and nodded.

“I get it now.”

Sword One said no more.


The following day, Princess Xunyang came to Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan asked Sword One to dress her as a man.

Princess Xunyang was not against that at all, but found it rather fun.

As the wagon headed towards Yellow Crane, they passed by Restaurant Jixian which seemed quite bustling.

Gu Chaoyan lifted the drapery and took a look at it.

There was a huge crowd gathered at Restaurant Jixian.

Gu Chaoyan asked Manager Song the moment she walked into the Yellow Crane, as she had no idea what was happening.

“What is going on with Restaurant Jixian”


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