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Chapter 282: Family Law

“She stabbed your horse accidentally! That was such a minor matter that you should ignore it! You should have told Officer Ming what happened, so Officer Ming would not have punished her! If County Princess Anxi knew that you were begging mercy for her, she might probably not have taken this seriously!” Gu Zhenkang snapped at Gu Chaoyan as if he were talking with a useless person.

This girl born by the business family was so stupid that she had no idea how to play tricks! No wonder she offended County Princess Anxi!

Gu Chaoyan squinted at Gu Zhenkang.

“A minor matter If I had not taken control of the horse, I would have died at the pitch!”

“So what!” Gu Zhenkang said nonchalantly.

Even if Gu Chaoyan did not care about Gu Zhenkang at all, she was still furious hearing what he had said.

She said nothing but turned around, ready to leave.

Seeing her leaving, Gu Zhenkang got so angry.

He was now the master of the whole mansion and he had the say of everything.

How dare this b**ch girl throw her temper at him by leaving without telling him He struck so hard on the table that the tea spilled.

“Where are you going”

“You think you can leave like this!” Then he pointed at the guards outside.

“Someone, come and get her! Punish her with the family law!”

Hearing that Chaoyan was getting punished, Gu Ruxue got so excited and happy.

Gu Chaoyan pushed her when they were at Saint College.

Now she was going to see what Gu Chaoyan could do!

As the guards took hold of Chaoyan, Gu Ruxue finally stood up from the chair.

Then she looked at Gu Chaoyan who was about to get the family law.

“Honestly, sister, you should obey Dad.

We are different now.

When I marry Lord Ling, more and more people will focus upon our mansion, and we should watch our actions.

But now, you have offended County Princess Anxi, and that puts Dad in a very embarrassing situation.

Sister, you will never remember what trouble you have caused, unless we punish you now.” Gu Ruxue said with a serious voice.

Gu Zhenkang nodded, thinking that Ruxue was totally right.

What a smart girl who had unique opinions.

She deserved to be the concubine of a Lord.

With Ruxue around, he would be totally assured about his family.

“Just look at your sister! She is so smart and understanding.

If you are half as smart as she is, you would not have caused so much trouble.” Gu Zhenkang snapped at Gu Chaoyan furious.

“Do it now!”

Scared as the guards were, they still obeyed the order.

Sword One, however, took a step forward and said, “No one touches Elder Miss!”

Gu Zhenkang pointed at Sword One and shouted.

“How dare you!”

At this moment, Chen Fu arrived and looked at Gu Zhenkang with a look of fear.

He thought for a while and revealed the news.

“Old Master, someone from the Jiang Mansion is here.”

The Jiang Mansion

Gu Zhenkang paused.

Then he suddenly remembered that the Jiang Mansion was the Queens family.

He looked at Gu Chaoyan with confusion and said to Chen Fu.

“Let him in.”

Then he drove away everyone in the hall impatiently.

“Just leave now.”

Seeing the scene, Gu Ruxue got anxious.

“Dad, are we still punishing her!”

Gu Zhenkang looked a little bit uncomfortable.

He should have done that but now… “Lets drop it for the time being, Ruxue.

We shall see what the Jiang Family needs.”


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