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Chapter 280: Unhappiness

Gu Chaoyan glared at Liu Zongyuan with a sharp look.

Liu Zongyuan did not dare to behave as fiercely as before, and shook his head constantly.

Liu Hanxiang was not pleased.

She was about to rush up when Mrs.

Liu stopped her, glaring at her.

Gu Chaoyan was not bothered to talk with this family any more.

She left with Li Yuanxiang directly.

As they came to an empty road, Li Yuanxiang asked with a look of honesty, “Chaoyan, why did you say those words Lord Yu and I are not friends.

We dont even know each other.”

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief.

She was suddenly reminded of Qing, who was almost as honest and straightforward as Li Yuanxiang.

No wonder Mrs.

Li tried her best to divorce her husband and left the Liu Family with her daughter.

Li Yuanxiang was too honest to live peacefully with Mrs.

Liu and Liu Hanxiang.

So Gu Chaoyan could not help but say, “Yuanxiang, you and your mother are living a very difficult life, and Liu Zongyuan is high in rank, so it is easy for him to bully you! But now they are afraid of Lord Yu, so why not make full use of it!”

Li Yuanxiang nodded and shook her head later.

She seemed to have understood something, but did not fathom the full point.

Li Yuanxiang eventually said to Gu Chaoyan with a look of gratitude.

“Thank you Chaoyan, for helping me all this time.

I can do anything for you in the future, as long as you need it!”

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief.

She smiled helplessly.

This girl might not have the ability of understanding the hidden meaning under the surface, but she knew how to be grateful.

For one moment, she had no idea how to make a comment about Li Yuanxiang.

She pinched her chubby face and said, “Alright, just go home now.

Your mother is waiting for you.”

Li Yuanxiang smiled, and walked towards her home.

Gu Chaoyan saw that there was no waggon picking her up at the gate of Saint College.

Gu Chaoyan had already seen this happening.

Probably just as Gu Ruxue said, her father did not want her to go home at all.

However, since the Gu Mansion was still her home, she had to go home directly.

Sword One felt sorry for her miss.

“Miss, I will get Sword Two to get a wagon from the Lords Mansion for you!”

Gu Chaoyan waved her hands.

She saw a store for wagon renting and pointed in its direction.

“Lets go and rent a wagon!”

Some commoners were recruited to Saint College every year, so stores for wagon renting were available outside the college.

That made everything easy for Gu Chaoyan.

The wagons were normally simple and small, but those were already luxurious enough for commoners.

Sword One felt that it was not that good for her miss.

“Alright then, lets take this one.

Sword One, give the money to the owner.” Gu Chaoyan made the decision directly seeing Sword Ones embarrassed look.

She was not a particular girl.

She did not have to live a very luxurious life.

Especially when it came to the wagons, as long as they were practical enough for travelling.

Since Gu Chaoyan made the decision, Sword One had to follow into the wagon.

The stableman was aged, but he was quite skilled.

Gu Chaoyan and Sword One had a comfortable ride.

Soon, they came to the Gu Mansion.

Sword One helped Gu Chaoyan off the wagon and started to walk towards the mansion, when she was stopped at the door.


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