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Chapter 270: Together

Gu Chaoyan looked in the direction he pointed at, and then she noticed a yard hidden in some large trees.

The yard was simply-embellished, looking quite tasteful.

Gu Chaoyan had not been to this yard before, since she had not been in this world for too long.

So she had no idea what that place he pointed at was.

“That is the Medical Department.

In the era of Daqi, the Queen guarded that place personally.

From that time onwards, women started to be hired as staff at the imperial hospital.

However, now the situation is getting more and more like how it was before the Queen founded this place.”


“Those who are really interested in medicine cant get into the Department.

Those who are here tend to be the noble ladies like County Princess Anxi, but how would they ever be able to cure anyone” Zhou Huaijin said with a worried look.

Hearing what Zhou Huaijin said, Gu Chaoyan now understood why when she was trying to examine the patients, she was not stopped from doing any treatments just because she was a girl.

That was because in history there had been an excellent Queen who made all of this possible.

Gu Chaoyan understood why Zhou Huaijin told her the story today – he also believed that she was able to make some different contributions to the Medical Department.

Gu Chaoyan took a few steps forward and stopped in front of Zhou Huaijin.

Then she pinched his face and said, “Dont worry, I will work hard for that.”

Zhou Huaijin stiffened.

He looked at Gu Chaoyan with disbelief and pleasure.

At this moment, some gingko leaves fell and landed on Gu Chaoyans hair.

Zhou Huaijin smiled gently, picking the leaves from her head with his long, slender fingers.

The two of them exchanged a look and smile.

It was such a beautiful scene where a purple and a red figure were standing under the gingko tree.

The two did not leave until the evening.

Zhou Huaijin accompanied her to a place not far from the dormitory instead of taking one more step forward.

There were many people active at Saint College these days, and he did not want to cause any trouble for Yan.

As Chaoyan was walking towards her room and was about to open the door, a hand stopped her.

Li Yuanxiang was looking at Gu Chaoyan with a look of sympathy.

“Chaoyan, are you Lord Huais friend”

A complicated expression hovered over Gu Chaoyans face as she heard what Li Yuanxiang asked, but she still nodded.

“Lord Huai treats you so well.

Are you together” Li Yuanxiang asked straightforwardly and honestly.

Since it was Li Yuanxiang standing in front of her Gu Chaoyan did not try to hide a thing but nodded directly.

Li Yuanxiangs expression turned even more complicated as she patted Gu Chaoyans shoulders.

“Then you must watch out for yourself.”


Gu Chaoyan chuckled.

Zhou Huaijin might be cold and distant, but he was a handsome, noble man who intimidated everyone.

Nevertheless, ladies could not help but take another look at him because of what he looked like.

If not for this factor, they would all throw themselves at him! Li Yuanxiang, on the other hand, did not seem to like this man that much.

She might be the only person in the entire country who might not like him.

She suddenly understood why Zhou Huaijin was telling her to befriend Li Yuanxiang.

She was indeed a distinguished woman!

After asking the question, Li Yuanxiang turned around and went back to her room.

So did Gu Chaoyan.

The moment she closed the door she heard chaos and sharp noises arising all of a sudden.


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