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Chapter 266: Acquaintance

The moment Officer Ming made the decision, a discussion started to arise among the participants.

Riding and Shooting consisted of riding and shooting, but what did Officer Ming mean by asking them to take the calligraphy test directly Did she mean that none of them passed the test

Some people stood still.

They were participants with different skills – some did badly in riding and expected to gain some more grades through shooting.

However, no one was willing to be the first person one to ask the question.

A long while later, Liu Hanxiang stepped forward and asked.

“Officer Ming, what do you mean that we are taking the calligraphy first We still have a shooting test to do County Princess Anxi might have done a filthy trick, but we are all fair competitors.

You cant limit us because of what she did.”

Liu Hanxiang had no choice but to step forward to ask the question.

When County Princess Anxi asked her to step out for her, she did not.

That would definitely make County Princess Anxi angry.

Since she already offended her, she had to make efforts to enter Saint College, because only by entering Saint College would she become someone of importance in the family which might help her when County Princess Anxi tried to trouble her.

Officer Ming showed no expression on her face, but she still answered Liu Hanxiangs question.

“Something happened at the riding test, so I have to deal with the remaining problems.

You will be informed of the exact time for the shooting test, dont worry.”

With these words spoken everyone let out a sigh of relief.

There were many noble ladies in the capital, but most of them were burdened with family pressure.

So they came to participate in the examination and hoped to obtain a great result.

Hearing that they were not given up, they were all assured.

Then they started to walk out of the pitch.

No one dared to approach Lord Huai or look at Lord Huai, even though he was there.

Honestly, Lord Huai was as ferocious as a demon.

So who would dare to irritate him to have their arms removed

Calligraphy was one test that Gu Chaoyan had chosen so she was one of the participants too.

Zhou Huaijin followed along.

Then suddenly a figure rushed out and came to Gu Chaoyan.

She looked at Gu Chaoyan with a worried face.

“Chaoyan, are you okay I found something was wrong with you, and wanted to help! But…” Li Yuanxiang looked very guilty.

She did want to offer some help, but Liu Hanxiang stopped her and did not allow her to do anything.

So she had no choice but to watch Chaoyan being thrown out.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head.

“It is fine.”

Li Yuanxiang continued to chat with Gu Chaoyan, but she felt someone staring at her in dissatisfaction.

Only now did Li Yuanxiang understand what she had done.

She smiled honestly and said, “Chaoyan, go and do the test, I am off…”

She greeted Zhou Huaijin, then hurried away.

Zhou Huaijin smiled brightly and was quite pleased with what this girl had done.

Gu Chaoyan also understood what happened.

She struck him on the chest and asked, “What are you scaring her for!”

“Dont worry, she is not easily frightened by me.” Zhou Huaijin said calmly as if he knew that girl well.

Gu Chaoyan was curious.

“You know who she is”


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