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Chapter 255: Conspiracy 1

Zhou Huaiyu had a pair of clear eyes.

He asked this as he looked at Gu Chaoyan with interest.

Without showing a sense of fear, Gu Chaoyan met his eyes and shrugged as she said with a natural tone.

She was also sizing this man up.

“Because I want to win some money.”

Zhou Huaiyu was speechless.

What an arrogant tone.

What made her think that she could win

However, it did not sound too weird.

She even dared to have a competition with County Princess Anxi, so of course she considered that she could win.

This girl was indeed interesting.

He had heard some news about this notorious girl.

It was said that she even stole money from the servants, and even got divorced.

He disliked this kind of woman, subconsciously.

Normally, he would never set a bet about her, but he heard that Lord Huai and this woman had become friends, so he became very curious – that was why he set this bet yet he had not expected that this girl would come to support herself.

He showed a smile to Gu Chaoyan and said, “Elder Miss, you seem quite confident.

If that is the case…”

Zhou Huaiyu brought out some money from the pocket and placed it next to Gu Chaoyans name.

“If that is the case, I am betting that you will win too.

Dont make me lose the money.”

Gu Chaoyan rolled her eyes looking very disdainful.

Everyone was saying that County Princess Anxi would win, and only she thought that she could win.

That was indeed a very profitable bet! However, now this shameless lord was trying to steal money from her, but he still showed a look of kindness.

She thought that she would curse at this man, if he had not been a lord.

Telling herself to calm down Gu Chaoyan nodded and then left.

Zhou Huaiyu was dumbfounded.

So she was leaving like this

The others were also shocked at this departing figure.

A long while later, they said with a small whisper, “How arrogant!”

However, since Zhou Huaiyu bet on her, the others did not dare to say anything more.


Sword One had just gotten the key and went to clean the room, so Gu Chaoyan started to head towards her own room.

Saint College was huge, and Gu Chaoyan almost got lost.

So when she spotted someone in front of her, she stopped that person and asked, “Excuse me, which direction should I take to go to our rooms”

It was a girl who was plainly dressed and carrying the luggage herself.

She was also heading towards the rooms, so she pointed in one direction with a cheerful tone and said, “It is over there, lets go there together.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She had a very good impression of this girl.

She knew that Saint College was a place opened mostly for noble girls and boys, but some commoners were allowed to enter as well.

However, those commoners had to work even harder than the other students.

At the Medical Department, for example, commoners who are skilled with medicine would be accepted too.

Most of the graduates were recruited as medical maids in the court for medical service, because those noble ladies would not demean themselves to become medical maids even if they graduated from the Medical Department.

Gu Chaoyan was not a very talkative person, nor was this girl, so they were walking quietly when a person rushed out and bumped into the girl next to her.

The person rushed off directly afterwards.

Gu Chaoyan went to help her up.

Only now did she notice that the girl had an extra large bag of money held in a luxurious looking purse, one which was totally out of the range of this girl.


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