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Chapter 253: Different Treatment

Soon, the examination for Saint College arrived.

The date and time for the examination was fixed each year.

It normally took place half a month before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

One day before the examination day, Qing and Sword One helped her to pack up the stuff needed for the examination.

All the participants would stay at the place specifically-appointed by Saint College instead of at home, and each participant was allowed to bring one servant with him or her.

So Gu Chaoyan decided to bring Sword One there.

Qing had been learning some martial arts from Sword One these days, but due to her grudge with County Princess Anxi, she was worried that Qing would be bullied when she was not noticing what was happening.

Qing was not at all sad being left behind.

She liked sorting and taking care of the fruit trees in the yard.

So Gu Chaoyan went to the front yard with the packages and Sword One.

She was, after all, the miss of the Gu Family, and she had to take her own wagon to arrive at Saint College.

The strange thing was Gu Zhenkang did not stop her from participating in the examination, and also got her the wagon.

At the front yard Gu Zhenkang was already standing there waiting for her.

Seeing Gu Chaoyan coming towards his direction, he still wore a flat look as he said in a disdainful tone, “Do remember that you should never offend County Princess Anxi, even if you fail the examination.”

Gu Chaoyan gave no response, but ignored what Gu Zhenkang said as she stood next to him in silence.

A while later Gu Ruxue appeared.

She was dressed in a peach-color blouse with patterns and a pearl-white skirt.

She had a small face and was now wearing makeup, looking very radiant.

Gu Chaoyan, on the other hand, was still wearing the plain dress which looked quite worn-out due to being worn often.

She had lost a lot of weight since she bought the dress, so it looked very baggy on her.

Gu Ruxue sneered at the sight of her, and ignored her totally.

Seeing Gu Ruxue approaching him, Gu Zhenkang showed a pleased smile.

“Ruxue, have you got everything ready for the examination What kind of rules are they setting to have just one maid with you!” Then he glared at Lianxiang next to Gu Ruxue and said, “Take good care of Miss alright Or you will take full responsibility!”

He continued to nag something more for another period of time.

It took almost one hour before they were ready to set off.

If not for the wagon, Gu Chaoyan would have left already.

When he finished speaking they got onto the wagon and were about to leave, when Gu Zhenkang again glared at Gu Chaoyan.

Then Mrs.

Gu came up and nagged something more.

Actually, Gu Chaoyan thought that Gu Ruxue was actually living a very happy life.


Gu might have been a very ferocious and evil b**ch, yet she was treating Gu Ruxue nicely.

She made all the conspiracies and plans just for Gu Ruxue.

It was not a long ride from the Gu Mansion to Saint College so it took only one hour before they arrived at the destination.

Saint College was founded by a Queen in history.

At first, it was founded for every child, be it a girl or a boy, to study, but gradually, it became a royal academy that still accepted both girls and boys, even children from ordinary families too.

However, those from low-ranked families would have to make extra efforts to achieve something from there.


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