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Chapter 251: That Was All

Hearing what Sword Two said Zhang Mingyuan was totally shocked.

So Lord Huai had arranged a pitch for riding and shooting, and he even got her teachers to teach her calligraphy and music

What was going on Didnt they say that Gu Chaoyan was a disgraced lady of the mansion How did she get to know someone as noble as Lord Huai Lord Huai was even more noble than Lord Ling, since he was the eldest son of the Queen!

What was going on What luck had touched down upon the ladies of the Gu Family

He was about to say something when he stopped himself – he did not dare to play any more tricks upon her but replied with a hypocritical smile to Gu Chaoyan.

“Cousin Chaoyan, if that is the case, I shall be totally useless.

I will… will take off now… yes, now…”

Then he dashed off directly.

He was not as stupid as his elder brother who slept with Princess Gu at the court.

He knew how much further he could go.

He might just as well dodge the bullet if he could not shoot.

Seeing Zhang Mingyuans retreating back, Chaoyan said nothing more.

However, Sword Two was a little bit displeased.

He had not noticed this man a minute ago, but judging from what he said, Sword Two understood the filthy man was trying to trick Elder Miss.

That was something he could not stand.

He pointed at the direction where Zhang Mingyuan left and said, “Elder Miss, should I beat him up”

It looked as if he would obey the order the moment Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head calmly.

Honestly, Zhang Mingyuan was smarter than the other members of the Zhang Family.

Since he had not yet done anything, she would just leave him alone, “No need to do that.”

When Gu Chaoyan shook her head, Sword Two had to give up the idea.

That man was lucky today.

It was a slightly cool day of early autumn.

Gu Chaoyan was not thickly dressed as she was in the yard, but Sword One was worried that Elder Miss would get cold if she spent too much time in the yard.

So she said, “Elder Miss, lets just go in.

Try the uniform on! I think the uniforms are very pretty and fitting too.”

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

Zhou Huaijin did know her well.

She liked simple-colored blouses with nothing much on the surface.

And the uniform was tailored-made just for her!

As for the size… She found it correct too.

Also she was trying to lose some weight these days, so she would get slightly thinner too.

Well, the uniform was not fitting perfectly, but she was not critical about it – the way the uniform was made had already been extremely excellent.

“It is fine, just leave it there.

I can definitely fit in.” Gu Chaoyan walked as she walked towards the room.

Then she thought of something and said to Sword Two.

“Sword Two, the fruit wine is all done, please send it to Yellow Crane when you have time.

Tell Manager Song to open the jar after half a month.”

She made this arrangement because she was worried that she would forget about the wine as she was busy preparing for the test.

It would be much better if some of the jars were delivered there first.

Sword Two hurried off for his own work when he received the order.

As she returned to the room, Gu Chaoyan continued to finish her calligraphy.

Gu Chaoyan found that she was not doing as well as she did before, since she had not touched brushes for a long while.

Sword One was doing the ink when she asked with blinking eyes.

“Miss, what kind of music are you going to do What musical instrument are you able to play”


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