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Chapter 245: Argument

“Be careful! I may drive all of you out of here!” Mrs.

Gu said disdainfully.

She had been fearing that The Zhang Family would spread the rumor and cause trouble that got the Gu Family involved, but now she did not need to fear a thing.

Why would she be bothered to argue with a stupid woman like Mrs.



Gu suddenly realized that the argument was not needed at all.


Jinzhang sneered.

“Okay, then do that! I dont think you would ever dare to do so.

We are going to report you to the governmental office! Everything you did will be revealed to the public!”


“Now, I have no other request.

You got my eldest son killed, and I can leave that out.

But now I have Mingyuan the second son with me and he needs a wife.

You have to get a girl to marry him.

If you dont, I will go and report whatever you have done to the government!” Mrs.

Jinzhang threatened, thinking that this kind of threat would still work for Mrs.

Gu, who had never done anything about it.


Jinzhang thought that she had a bargaining chip to use against Mrs.



Gu smiled coldly.

Threatening her She was not easily threatened any more.

She said with a look of pride, “There is one thing you are not aware of, I am afraid.”


“Lord Ling has come with a proposal.

He is going to marry Ruxue as his concubine.

You are going to report me Arent you worried that Lord Ling will stop you from talking I am going to be Lord Lings mother-in-law and you will be nothing.” Mrs.

Jinzhang said with a proud smile.

She felt that her life was getting more and more glorious.


Jinzhang was startled and dared not utter a word.

She was not going to offend Mrs Gu when she had Lord Ling as a supporter.

“You are my relative, and I will not force you to leave.

But now, you have no choice but stay at the Gu Mansion and obey my orders.

If you ever dare to disobey me, I will not show any mercy.” Mrs.

Gu said.


Jinzhang swallowed saliva.

She did not dare to say anything more.

Seeing that the show was over Gu Chaoyan said with an expression of boredom, “Please move away.”

Only now did Mrs.

Jinzhang and her son as well as Mrs.

Gu noticed that Gu Chaoyan was present too.


Jinzhang and Zhang Mingyuan hurried away.

They had no idea who this girl was.

Gu Chaoyan left without looking at them at all.


Gu did not stop her, but mumbled after she left.

“This b**ch is so impolite.

She did not even greet me.”


Zhang Mingyuan looked at Gu Chaoyans back.

Hearing these words he asked curiously, “Aunt, who is that girl Why did you call her b**ch”

“Of course she is the ugly girl born by that businesswoman!” Mrs.

Gu said with a look of disdain.

Zhang Mingyuan started to think quickly.

He had heard that before Aunt was married to the Gu Mansion, there was one daughter left by the original wife of the Gu Mansion.

However, the rumor went that she was ugly and fat, so he did not care about her, but now that he saw the girl for the first time… He thought that the rumor in public and what aunt said were totally untrue.

That girl was a little bit chubby but she was not ugly at all.

She even looked a little cute! It was said that she had lots of dowries.

Now the Zhang Family was in a downfall.

They had no house to live and money to spend.

They had to stay under the shadow of someone else.

Mother intended to get him a wife, only because she wanted him to marry someone with a lot of wealth, so that the whole familys situation could be changed.

If Aunt was not helping him, he would create the opportunity himself.

That Elder Miss seemed like a perfect match.


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