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Chapter 217: Dumb-Headed Miss

Gu Caiqin was still very confused.

Didnt her sister get smarter So why was she walking towards a different direction She did not seem very smart after all.

Seeing Gu Chaoyan ceasing her steps Gu Caiqin showed a very brief smile, thinking that this dumb-headed person was going to be very gulliable.

“Sister, you had better go to Pear Garden as early as possible, or Madame Gu is not going to be very pleased.” Gu Caiqin reminded kind-heartedly.

That was only because she hoped to keep Madame Gu in a good mood so that she could be thought of.

Gu Chaoyan nodded, but she did not show any intention of heading towards Pear Garden either.

With her eyes upon Gu Caiqin, she said calmly, “But I am not going to Pear Garden.”

Gu Caiqins eyes widened.

Tears welled up in her eyes, as she showed a very wronged expression.

“Sister, arent you willing to help me at all”

She looked so pitiful.

The Gu Family did have great genes, this young Gu Caiqin looked very cute even if she was still a little girl.

The way she looked made her very adorable.

The old Gu Chaoyan would have helped her when facing a sister like this, but… Gu Chaoyan at the moment was not like this.

She had witnessed many people in her previous life as a killer.

She would be moved if someone sincere was facing her, but now, she was just pretending, and that made her very disgusted.

She nodded seriously, “Yeah, I am not helping you.”

Why should she help her The original host had no one to turn to when she was living a bitter life.

Gu Caiqin looked confused.

As far as she knew, her plan would always work.

However, unexpectedly, this sister of hers was not helping her! Now she did look very sad.

“Why, you just promised me…”

Gu Chaoyan shrugged.

She did make a promise, but she was just lying.

And she was not going to make it happen now.

“I will help you when I am free and in a good mood.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

She was the lineal daughter, as everyone knew, and she should behave like one.

“You!” Gu Caiqin snapped as she pointed at Gu Chaoyan.

“You are a liar!”

“I am the lineal daughter, and you are just a concubines daughter, so you better not irritate me.” Gu Chaoyan smiled coldly as she patted Gu Caiqins shoulders.

Then she left.

Gu Caiqin was totally dumbfounded.

Only now did she realize what happened and pointed in the direction that Gu Chaoyan left.

“Who do you think you are, a lineal daughter Go to hell!”

How dare she trick her like this! She was going to make her pay!

The maid next to Gu Caiqin reminded her with a small whisper.

“Fourth Lady, did you notice that something is different about Elder Miss She seems to have become smarter…”

Before the maid finished her words, Gu Caiqin slapped her right in the face.

“Shut up!”


“What difference can she make She is looking down at us just because she has gained some popularity in the front yard! I am going to make her see how much longer she can laugh in this way.”

Gu Caiqin clenched the fist, stomped her feet and left.

On the way to the Qiong Pavilion, Qing let out a sigh of relief.

“Miss, you just scared me! I thought that you were going to help her!”

“I am not that stupid, alright” Gu Chaoyan said confidently.

Qing nodded.


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