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Chapter 214: A Different Turnout

“Kneel down now!” Gu Zhenkang bellowed at Gu Chaoyan with his finger pointing at her.

Gu Chaoyan shrugged and looked at Gu Zhenkang as if she were staring at an idiot.

No wonder this man was stuck with his position of a low rank for years.

Gu Zhenkang simply had no brain! He had not even thought through the whole matter before supporting Mrs.

Gu instead of listening to anyone elses words.

How could someone like this become the master of a huge family

It seemed that her mother married her father just because of his look.

Everyone in the Gu Family were stupid, but they all had pretty faces.

Gu Zhenkang had gotten older at the moment, but his face was still shining.

Princess Gu, for example, she became a princess just because she was pretty, despite the fact that she was disgraced very soon afterwards.

Even Gu Ruxue had gained a title of the prettiest girl in the whole capital city.

Madame Gu was still in deep thoughts.

It seemed that she had no idea who was wrong and right at the moment.

Instead of wasting any more time with them, Gu Chaoyan snapped directly, “Before Mrs.

Zheng left, she even asked her servants to find out who had offended her.

She looked very furious.”

What! Mrs.

Gu stumbled and almost collapsed.

She could not keep herself steady without her maid helping her.

Scared, she asked in disbelief, “Really”

This sentence forced her to admit what she had done.

Madame Gu got so angry that she tossed the cup at Mrs.


“Look at what you have done!”

Gu Zhenkang looked very unhappy.

He was either ashamed because of the misunderstanding or because of fear.


Gu kneeled down directly and said with a crying tone, “Madame Gu, you cant blame me for that! I did not know that it was Mrs.

Zheng who was seated in the elegant room.

If I had any idea about that, I would not have done anything so reckless! The manager of Yellow Crane should have told me about it, it is his fault that I offended Mrs.


What Mrs.

Gu said, made the manager of Yellow Crane the culprit.

Madame Gu was displeased.

She turned to Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan showed a relaxed face and said, “What I have is just Qing.

And when Yellow Crane opened, the Gu Mansion did not have anyone to help.

So everyone at the restaurant works for Lord Huai, so it is totally out of my control that Lord Huais man did something like that.

If you are against the decision, please go to Lord Huais Mansion and tell them about that.”


Gu cringed.

She did not dare to go to Lord Huais Mansion at all.

Madame Gu felt uneasy and did not dare to mention that any more.

Everyone was focusing upon Ruxue and ignored this incident.

They had not paid any attention to Chaoyan and that had been their fault, honestly.

“What are we supposed to do” Mrs.

Gu was scared.

“If Mrs.

Zheng really wants to get revenge, we must not drag Ruxue down! She is the only hope of our family!”

Madame Gu felt annoyed.

What that woman had offended was the wife of the chief of the Ministry of Personnel! What were they supposed to do

If the rumor went to Lord Lings ears and he refused to marry Ruxue, all would be lost! They had to solve this issue, what were they going to do

She looked up and then saw Gu Chaoyan.

“Chaoyan, we have misunderstood you.

We can skip the punishment, but could you please beg for mercy with Lord Huai.

You have cured Madame Jiang, he has to help us!”

Gu Chaoyan sneered inwardly.

So they were asking her to help Mrs.



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