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Chapter 212: Family Law 2

Madame Gu, as usual, was seated there in silence.

She had known about what happened to Mrs.

Gu today.

It was Chaoyans fault.

She owned the restaurant, and Mrs.

Gu should have been given a seat, since she was part of the family! She should not have tossed her out.


Gu was the madame of the Gu Mansion! She was the face of the Gu Mansion when she was not at home.

If Mrs.

Gu was humiliated, then the whole Gu Mansion would be humiliated as well.

What was wrong with Chaoyan, this lineal daughter She should have gotten the point! How narrow-minded was she She should be replaced!

“Chaoyan, it is your fault.” Madame Gu said.

“You should always care about the Gu Mansion.” She looked at Gu Chaoyan with disappointment.

This girl had become smarter these days.

And she should not be kept at home any more.

After the examination of Saint College, they should get her a family.

So that she could be married off, which would probably do the Gu Mansion a favor.

Madame Gu was thinking inwardly as she turned to Gu Zhenkang.

“Zhenkang, what do you think”

Gu Zhenkang snorted.

He had always thought that this eldest daughter of his could not have been anyone good.

She was left by Mrs.

Lin! Madame Gu had been defending her a while ago, but now something went wrong! He could not have been wrong in his judgement.

She was never as excellent as Ruxue! She had nothing in her!

Instead of looking at Gu Chaoyans expression, he said, “This girl made a huge mistake.

She should be punished by family law!”


“Ten hits on the hip!”


“Girl, do you have anything against this decision” Gu Zhenkang asked disdainfully.

He asked her just because he expected this girl to beg him for mercy.

During the past few days, this girl had turned rebellious.

She had not shown any respect towards him.

Now he was going to make her understand that he was the master of the mansion, and that he could punish anyone he liked.

This girl was not going to do anything big even if Lord Huai was by her side right now.

He was the owner of the Gu Mansion anyway!

Gu Chaoyan stood still in composure.

She shrugged.

Punishing her with family law She was alright with it.

“Nope, do as you want.”

Gu Zhenkang snorted.

Acting stubbornly Alright then, lets see if she was going to act stubbornly when she was beaten!

“Someone, get the punishment ready!”

Madame Gu had not spoken a word ever since.


Gu looked very satisfied.

She had been humiliated, but this bitch girl was not getting away from it.

Seeing the staff carried up, Gu Chaoyan suddenly spoke as if she thought of something.

“But one more thing… Madame Gu, and father, you probably have to have some idea of it.”


“It is definitely my fault that I did not take good care of Mrs.

Gu so the trouble was caused.”


“But Madame Gu, father, you probably have to be careful about what is going to happen.

After I get beaten, I probably will be too weak to say a thing.

Let me put it forward first.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

Trouble That was indeed something Madam Gu and Gu Zhenkang had no idea of.

“What happened” Madame Gu got anxious.

“What trouble was caused”

Gu Chaoyan sneered.

That was what the Gu Family was like, wasnt it


Gu was anxious too.

“Bitch, stop making rumors! Get the staff and beat her now! So that she will not talk!”


Gu thought that Gu Chaoyan had no idea what happened, but she did!

Seeing Mrs.

Gus anxious look, Madame Gu was more certain that something happened.

She glared at Mrs.

Gu and then at Gu Chaoyan.

“Spill it!”


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