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Chapter 206: Mrs.

Gu at the Restaurant 1

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Fu Bao started to eat with Sword One and the others.

Zhou Huaijin rubbed her head and said with a spoiling smile, “You do have many ideas.”

He was thinking about getting Fu Bao to bring some people from Shadow Door to eat the food, so the girl could be happy, but she came up with such a wonderful idea herself.

“Thats how I am helping you to make money.” Gu Chaoyan squinted and looked very sinister.

“Then I am very happy to open this restaurant with you.” Zhou Huaijin smiled.

Gu Chaoyan was startled.

Staring at Zhou Huaijin, she felt a little moved.

He was the noble Lord Huai, the son of the king, but he had never thought about doing his own business.

In this time of period, business people had the lowest social position, even Gu Zhenkang and his whole family looked down upon Mrs.

Lin who was born in a business family, and upon her who was the daughter of such a family.

Why was he so nice Why was he treating her so nicely He was probably the nicest person that she had ever met after being a woman for two lives.

“What is it Yan, are you amazed by my handsome face” Zhou Huaijin mocked.

Gu Chaoyan was brought back to herself.

She rolled her eyes.

“Of course not, I am thinking about something.”

How cheeky he was! Gu Chaoyan thought inwardly.

“What are you thinking I am right in front of you!” Zhou Huaijin asked, leaning towards Gu Chaoyan.

He looked at Gu Chaoyans crystal eyes from a very close distance.

Faced with Zhou Huaijins sudden approach, Gu Chaoyan got a bit nervous.

Her eyes turned red.

She was an idiot in the aspect of a love relationship.

She had been with a scumbag in her previous life, yet they barely did anything intimate.

Zhou Huaijin found her extremely lovely, and had the intention of kissing her.

He was about to kiss her, when Manager Songs excited voice arose from outside.

“Lady Chaoyan, Lady Chaoyan, people are coming!”

Zhou Huaijin gave a brief cough and went back to his own position.

Gu Chaoyan flushed and took up the teacup from the table awkwardly.

The tea spilled out because she was not holding it steadily.

Its good that the tea was not boiling, and the heat did not hurt her.

She let out an embarrassed smile.

Zhou Huaijin took over her hand and asked quickly, “Are you hurt”

“Nope.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

When Manager Song walked in, he found the atmosphere weird, but he did not realize that it was her problem.

Instead, he said with a cheerful tone, “Greetings, Lord.

And Lady Chaoyan, your method worked!”


“Guests keep coming in when they see Fu Bao eating.”


“Now the restaurant is full of people, the business is rising!” Manager Song said cheerfully.

He had been the manager at Shadow Door, yet he had never witnessed such a table-saving day!

Now he realized that Lady Chaoyan was a smart piece of treasure! Maybe Yellow Crane was going to become the top restaurant!

He got excited as he thought about the development of the future.

Everything was worth it, if he could make one single thing!

He was just in a cheerful mood when noise arose from outside and a very sharp womans voice greeted their ears.

“What is it”

“Miss, Second Lady and Mrs.

Gu are here.

They want the guests to spare seats for them!” Sword One said angrily!


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