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Chapter 202: Ruining Her Innocence

Hearing what Mrs.

Gu said, Gu Ruxue asked slowly as her expression changed.

“What do you have in mind”


Gu smiled briefly.

She had been making preparations to hire some teachers for Ruxue to teach her some basic skills, so she could get into Saint College.

However, within a few days time, that bitchy girl had made such a fuss and she was not going to let her have a peaceful life.

It was very easy to deal with her.

“If Princess Gu and Madam Gu can make her marry the son of an officer of the Ministry of Revenue, we can also make her marry a man of our own…”


“She is divorced, and the new husband-to-be is dead too.

She is not going to marry anyone good.

So we can just get her to marry someone from our family, and then she is going to be at our mercy.

She wont be able to do anything else.” Mrs.

Gu looked very proud.


Lins daughter was definitely going to be stomped under her feet.

Hearing these words Gu Ruxue smiled as well.

Why did she need to get so anxious She was going to marry Lord Ling.

It was so easy to deal with a deserted woman.

She did not have to get angry today.

She could just be proud for a few days before she fell.

“Dont get her any good family.

It would be better if she is the concubine.

She doesnt deserve any better position.” Gu Ruxue said disdainfully.

That ugly woman would not get anyone good to marry her.

That made Mrs.

Gu embarrassed.

She was willing to make that bitchy girl become a concubine.

She called her Mrs.

Concubine every day, so she wanted her to taste the same feeling of being addressed by the same name.

However, Madame Gu would not approve of that.

She was the Lady of the Gu Mansion.

A position of concubine would ruin the Gu Mansions face.

Judging from her knowledge of Madame Gu, she would rather let this bitchy girl stay single for the rest of her life than make her become a concubine instead.

It was not a very easy thing to do.


Gu hesitated.

Gu Ruxue was displeased.

“What are you afraid of, Mom She can just become a concubine!”

“I am worried about Madame Gus opinion.” Mrs.

Gu said.

She was thinking about getting her a marital family who did not need her that much.

By that time, her dowries and restaurant would all become her own, but if she became a concubine…

Gu Ruxue snorted.

She was not pleased by how her mother was behaving.

She did not know that her mother had Mrs.

Lin killed previously.

She looked so stupid at the moment.

She needed to think properly.

She squinted and said, “Why worry about Madame Gu She wants to keep her reputation, so ruin it, then she will approve of it.”

“Are you saying”

“Get that ugly girl to lose her innocence, then concubine will be the best position for her.” Gu Ruxue snapped disdainfully.


Gus eyes brightened.

True… That was a great idea!

When that bitch lost her innocence, she was going to do whatever was prepared for her, even though she had Lord Huai and Madame Jiang behind her.

By that time, those people would stay away from her and no one would be willing to help her.

Without innocence, the girl was going to lose her entire reputation and get ruined directly.

Gu Ruxue was satisfied with that.

Mrs.Gu had thought that Ruxue would not be competent enough to deal with other women since she was born in such a small mansion, but now she could be assured that her daughter would make it.

“Alright, your advice is taken.

Lets go back to the Zhang Mansion to get someone here.”


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