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Chapter 200: For Elder Miss!

Gu Chaoyan had just finished making her medical pills and was about to brew her fruit wine with magical water, when Chen Fu came to her in a hurry.

Madame Jiang was just expressing her thankfulness back at the Jiang Mansion the day before.

And due to her relationship with Zhou Huaijin, no payment was mentioned.

She had not expected that Madame Jiang would be so friendly that she arranged for her housekeeper to give her thank you gifts.

That basically meant that she was setting up a position for her at the Gu Mansion.

In this way, if anyone from the Gu Mansion intended to embarrass her, they would be scared of Madame Jiang.

As she thought of the friendly look of Madame Jiang the day before, Gu Chaoyan felt her heart filled with warmth.

She had no family in her previous life.

And in this present life, Gu Zhenkang was not like her real father at all.

She had thought that she could feel some family love from Madame Gu at the beginning, but Madame Gu was actually a woman who only aimed at profits and interests.

If Gu Ruxue was marrying Lord Ling, she would definitely be deserted.

Madame Jiang, however, made her feel very happy.

And she did not feel tired at all from the medical pills she stayed up making the night before.

She walked all the way to the front yard and then walked into the hall.

She then saw the housekeeper of the Jiang Mansion, who looked very friendly, and was about to say something when Gu Ruxue snorted and said ironically, “Housekeeper Jiang, just look carefully.

Maybe you have made a mistake.”

Gu Ruxue did not think that Housekeeper Jiang had not made a mistake.

Why would the Jiang Mansion give such precious gifts to this ugly girl

Housekeeper Jiang looked a bit furious.

He had never met such an ill-mannered lady.

Nevertheless, he still showed a smiling face to Gu Chaoyan.

“Lady Chaoyan, these are the presents from Madame Jiang.

She is doing very well now, and the imperial doctor says that she is completely healthy now.

Lady Chaoyan, you are very skilled!”

Housekeeper Jiang spoke highly and sincerely of her.

Madame Jiang had never been doing well.

Even the imperial doctors could not figure out the solution.

Now that Lady Chaoyan cured her, the whole mansion was indeed grateful to her.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Just as she had expected, Madame Jiang was not suffering from any serious disease.

There were just some problems arising due to old age.

She took out the bottle of medical pills from her pocket and gave it to Housekeeper Jiang.

“Just make sure Madame Jiang eats well, and one pill a day will do.”

Gu Chaoyan had thought about giving some fruits from the space to Madame Jiang, but as she thought about it, it might not be a good time.

Therefore, she was thinking about watering the fruit trees in the Qiong Pavilion with magical water first before getting the fruits delivered to her.

The medical pills would do for now.

Hearing their conversation Gu Ruxue got so angry that her face turned pale! If not for Madame Gu who tried to stop her, she really had the intention of leaving.

Madame Gu was slightly disappointed, but Gu Chaoyan was, after all, the lady of the Gu Mansion.

So she said with a smile, “That is very kind of you.

It is Chaoyans honor to be able to treat Madame Jiang!”

Housekeeper Jiang did not like Madame Gu either.

When the Second Lady was making such a huge fuss, she did not even try to stop her! It seemed that the Gu Mansion had spoiled her totally.

However, for Gu Chaoyans sake, he still said with kindness, “It is okay, Madame Gu.

Now the gifts are here, it is time for me to leave.” Then he turned to Gu Chaoyan.

“Lady Chaoyan, when you have time, please come to the Jiang Mansion for a cup of tea.

Madame Jiang enjoys talking with you.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded before seeing Housekeeper Jiang out personally.

As she returned, Madame Gu could not wait to take hold of Gu Chaoyans hands.

“Chaoyan, what is going on When did this happen”


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