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Chapter 186: Assisting Second Sister

At Pear Yard.

It was not the first time for Gu Chaoyan to come to Pear Yard.

On the way there she thought that Madam Gu did know how to enjoy life.

There were pavilions, houses, pools and trees against the ever-green pines that stood in the middle of rockeries and pots.

On the way to the hall, there were aisles and yards on both sides with servants walking by, one group after another.

Gu Chaoyans face sank as she thought of how these things were built upon her mothers dowries.

One day Gu Chaoyan was going to get all of these back for Mrs.


“Here we are, Miss.

Madame Gu is waiting for you inside.” Cai Ming reminded her.

Gu Chaoyan had been received by Madame Gu in the hall, so Cai Ming was worried that Gu Chaoyan had no idea how to get to this place.

She looked up.

Then, Gu Chaoyan nodded and continued to walk inside.

Cai Ming let out a sigh of relief.

For some reason, she had always felt a lot of pressure in front of the Miss.

Maybe it was because of what happened to Cai Zhu before.

“There you are.” Madame Gus blurry and aged voice arose, as she placed her teacup back in its original place.

She showed no love as she used to, but looked at Gu Chaoyan with a serious look instead.

Gu Chaoyan greeted her coldly.

“Madame Gu, what do you want me to do”

Madame Gu did not want to fake a look of kindness, so Gu Chaoyan did not show enthusiasm towards her either.

Instead, she stood there calmly.

Madame Gu thought that Gu Chaoyan seemed different, but she could not tell what was different about her.

However, she was no longer useful and Madam Gu did not want to waste time on her any more.

So she cut in directly.

“Chaoyan, I believe that you must have heard that Ruxue is going to marry Lord Ling, who is a totally different, and extraordinary man.

If a girl from our family is able to marry someone like that, then we will be extremely lucky.

During this time, we should all make efforts to help Ruxue.”


“You have offended County Princess Anxi, and County Princess Anxi is definitely going to give you a lot of hard times in the future.

Ruxue is supposed to help you with the problem.”


“So you have to understand that you have to help the Second Sister who can help you later.

So we have to place your Second Sister on the top.

Now you are able to open a restaurant with Lord Huai, and it is also our luck.

You have to share that luck with your Second Sister!”


“Got it” Madame Gu was trying to persuade her, but she sounded intimidating.

“As long as Ruxue is doing well, we will all be fine.”

Gu Chaoyan showed a brief smile, but she had known what Madame Gu was like.

She was a woman with ambitions.

She thought that Lord Huais interest in her medical skill would make her get promoted.

That was why she showed courtesy.

However, now that Gu Ruxue was able to marry Lord Ling, she turned her attention to Gu Ruxue.

Madame Gu was balancing her benefits.

One of the girls was spotted for her medical skills whilst the other was spotted for marriage.

Of course she had to pay attention to the one with marriage.

However, if Madam Gu knew that Lord Huai already offered her the position of Princess Consort, she would not behave like that.

Nevertheless, Gu Chaoyan was not going to let the Gu Mansion take anything from Zhou Huaijin.

“Madame Gu, are you sure about that” Gu Chaoyan asked coldly.


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