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Chapter 177: Unwilling

The two hideous people made a great couple.

They could just spend the remaining time together.

That sounded nice, but Gu Chaoyan was not going to get herself involved.

She gave him a kick, clapped her hands and was about to leave, when she heard Lu Jiming screaming suddenly.

“She only wants benefits.

She does not deserve me!”

Hearing the words, Gu Chaoyan ceased her steps automatically.

She felt like hearing the gossip.

It was true that Gu Ruxue only wanted things that were for her own good.

Otherwise she would not have spared no efforts to steal Lu Jiming from her, but… It sounded as if she was not marrying Lu Jiming

That sounded quite new.

Gu Chaoyans eyes widened.

“She is not marrying you”

Hearing Gu Chaoyans questions, Lu Jiming nodded, assuming that Gu Chaoyan was showing him concern and caring about him.

So he spilled out all the bitterness hidden inside his heart.

“When she visited me a couple of days ago, she told me that when I got well, I should go and make the proposal.

Today, my parents are here for the proposal, but Madame Gu refuses to admit our engagement.

She said that Ruxue is marrying Lord Ling, not me!”


“I never expected that Ruxue was a woman like this.

I thought that she was kind-hearted!”

Gu Ruxue was marrying Lord Ling When did that happen

Was that why Madam Gu asked her to get into Saint College

Judging from the situation, everything was clear.

She was going to ask Zhou Huaijin about this matter, but seeing Lu Jiming deeply hurt, Gu Chaoyan felt so great that she could not help but burst into laughter.

Hearing the laughter… Lu Jiming.

who had been feeling a bit mad, thought that Chaoyan must have become cheerful because of what happened.

After all, without Ruxue, she was able to marry him! Lu Jiming was about to say something… when Gu Chaoyan said with roaring laughter.

“Lu Jiming, that totally serves you right!”


“You thought that Gu Ruxue is a deeply adoring girl, pretty and lovely, so you deserted Gu Chaoyan for her.

But now Gu Ruxue thinks Lord Ling is better than you, so she deserted you!”


“You two do make a great couple!”


“Both of you are followers of the rich and the powerful.

Lu Jiming, dont blame Gu Ruxue for that.

You are of the same kind.”


“So funny!”

As she finished laughing, Gu Chaoyan turned around and headed towards the restaurant for her big lunch.

Lu Jiming looked at Gu Chaoyan with a fixed gaze.

Only a long while later did he realize that Chaoyan was actually laughing at him.

Duke Changning and Madame Duke Changning came hurrying to him.

Duke Changning asked anxiously, “Jiming, have you talked that ugly girl around She might not be as wonderful as Ruxue, yet that is the only way out for us! Marrying her isnt a bad choice.

She and Lord Huai are friends.

If you marry her, Lord Huai would not hate us anymore and we can be in the same family as Lord Ling too!”

He did not like the way the Gu Mansion behaved, but he had to maximize his own benefits.

Even Duke Changning regretted what happened.

He should have tried to keep the engagement with that ugly girl back then.

Lu Jiming shook his head, looking very lost.

Chaoyan was laughing at him! She was the woman who would do everything for him and followed him wherever he went, but now she was laughing at him

“What She is unwilling to do it How dare she! It is a big honor that we are offering for her to become the Princess Consort! Let me talk with her!” Madame Duke Changning got so mad that she was about to rush after Chaoyan.


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