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“Are you blind Didnt you see her hideous face I felt so disgusted by her appearance when she stood next to me.” The other guard said disdainfully and then added.

“Check the money in your pocket.

She may have stolen from you.

She is famous for stealing from everyone.”

“I dont even feel like eating anything after seeing her today.”

“Did you hear that after the Prince divorced her, he offered her a position of concubine, but she turned it down.”

“The Prince is a noble person.

How dare she turn down his benevolence”

“It is just a rumor! We cant take it as truth.

She is not only horrible to look at, but also has the habit of stealing.

If she really became a part of the Duke Changnings family, the Gu Mansion would have definitely experienced worse luck because of her!”

Several guards were chatting amongst themselves when the chief came there.

They stopped talking instantly.

The chief was different from them.

If he knew about the topic of their discussion, they might lose their jobs or even lives!

But they were not the only ones who were discussing Gu Chaoyan.

Even people on the street were pointing at her at the same time.

She stood out in the crowd because of her chubbiness, and a light red birthmark on her face.


“Miss…” Qing said as she followed Gu Chaoyan tightly.

“They are talking about you.

How do they know that you are the Eldest Miss of the Gu Family”

“I humiliated myself at Duke Changnings Mansion a couple of days ago, and now I am an abandoned girl.

So, of course they are talking about me.” Gu Chaoyan said nonchalantly.

“Also, look at my distinctive birthmark and myspecial face.

Few people are as ugly as me!”

Qing lowered her head and looked a bit sad.

“Miss, you are not ugly.

You are the prettiest in my eyes.

I remember that you used to look like a porcelain doll when you were young.

Everyone adored you when they saw you.

After that first outing, you started to care a lot about peoples opinion about your appearance, and hence, you were so sad in the past few years.”

Gu Chaoyan sighed.

What a loyal girl!

She might have looked pretty when she was young.

She remembered what her mother was like.

She was indeed a beautiful woman.

Gu Zhenkang was good looking as well.

Hence, she couldnt understand why two good looking people managed to give birth to such an ugly looking person like her.

She shook her head slightly.

“Miss, why are they being so kind as to spare the space for us” Qing asked after noticing the strangeness of this matter.

“They are not being kind, they are worried that we are going to steal their stuff.”

The original Gu Chaoyan might have looked a bit crazy, but she was not a thief.

She wondered how those rumors came up about her stealing both from the masters and servants of the mansion.

Qing glared at these people who were maintaining a distance from them.

Her miss had never stolen anything from anyone.

She hated it when her miss was misjudged!

“Is that Gu Chaoyan, the ugly miss of the Gu Family Wasnt she abandoned by the Prince What face does she have to linger around here I would have killed myself if that had happened to me.” A woman among the crowd commented loudly.

“True, I heard that the handsome Prince is marrying the Second Miss of the Gu Family.

They look so good together.

What luck does the Gu Family have, two starkly different daughters, one is a fairy, the other a devil!”


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