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Chapter 161: To Punish Gu Chaoyan

Soon dozens of messy-looking and seriously-bruised men were gathered at the guards of the gate of the Gu Mansion.

“We are from the stores, we need to meet Mrs.


The guards recognized them, since they were the gang that paid tributes to the Gu Mansion every year.

At this time, the guards rushed in to pass on the message.


Gu and Gu Ruxue were just in the middle of eating bird drop soup in a good mood.

Gu Ruxue could not help but say with a small.

“The son of the officer of the Ministry of Revenue is dead.

The ugly girl has no one to marry now.”

“See, I told you not to be worried.

That bitch is always unlucky.

See what happens!” Mrs.

Gu showed a smile on her face.

“Lets see what she is going to do now! Haha!”

Gu Ruxue nodded.

She thought inwardly that she had gotten anxious for no use.

Gu Chaoyan was destined to have a worse life than her, no matter what.

Prince was getting better now, and the ugly girl got pay-back.

All had returned to what it was like before, and that made Gu Ruxue extremely pleased.

It seemed that the bird drop soup in her mouth tasted much better than usual.

“Mom, the dowries will all be mine, dont let the ugly girl take them!” Gu Ruxue said.

The biggest dream of her life was to marry someone with an extraordinary status, and on their wedding day, she needed to look fantastic with lots of dowries.

“Dont worry.” Mrs.

Gu said determinatively.

The words had just been spoken, when Chen Fu hurried in.

“Something is wrong, Madame!!!”

“Bah, what are you talking about, it is a beautiful day today!” Mrs.

Gu snapped.

Chen Fu looked extremely anxious.

Something was wrong!

However, Mrs.

Gu was not anxious, only he was.

A while later, Mrs.

Gu finished the snack and asked slowly, “What is it, what happened”

Chen Fu said, “The managers and salesboys of those stores are all here at the Gu Mansion, saying that Miss has driven them out! They need to get justice from you!”

“What!” Mrs.

Gu sprang up, smashing the bowl directly.

“What didnt you say earlier!”

She hurried off without hesitation.

Chen Fu looked helpless.

He told them that something bad had happened, but she stopped him from saying anything.

Gu Ruxue now realized that something bad had happened.

She followed and glared at Chen Fu.

“You old slave, you are going to be punished, if something goes wrong!”

Chen Fu felt his heart sink.

Why was this his fault

He sighed.

Feeling helpless, he followed them out.

It was extremely chaotic at the front yard.

Those managers got increasingly angry.

They thought that Mrs.

Gu would be able to help them get justice, so they became increasingly excited.

They hoped that Mrs.

Gu would be able to punish the arrogant Miss so their anger could be vented.

They did not believe that a Miss from a mansion would dare counter Madame Gu and Mrs.


As Mrs.

Gu came to them they shouted as if they saw the savior.

“Miss, you have to help us!”


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