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Chapter 156: An Argument

Zhou Huaijin took a step forward and was about to assist the girl when Gu Chaoyan stopped him directly.

She had already come up with an idea of how to teach Huo Wei a lesson.

She had been fighting against her all this while.

So Huo Wei intended to exceed her in all aspects, so she decided to see if she was able to get through the pressure.

“I add 50 more, go and wrap it up, salesboy.”

Having said the words, she threw a disdainful look at Huo Wei.

She was displaying her disdainful look upon Huo Wei who only added ten.

“I add 100!” Stimulated, Huo Wei shouted out directly!

Seeing the situation, the salesboy suggested to another employee that he should get the manager.

Those who shopped at Jinxiu Pavilion were indeed ladies like Miss.

Huo, who was noble and wealthy.

What was this salesboy supposed to do when two ladies were in a fight against each other.

The manager called Lady Lian soon arrived.

When Lady Lian arrived, Gu Chaoyan had just said calmly, “500”

Lady Lian threw a glance at Gu Chaoyan and said nothing.

She was watching the whole show in silence.

If these ladies were so willing to offer so much money… Lady Lian was definitely bold enough to accept the payment.

Huo Wei added without hesitation.

“1000 more!”

She did not think that she would be beaten by a disgraced ugly girl like Gu Chaoyan.

If she added 500, she just doubled that!

The moment she bellowed out the figure of 1000, Huo Wei threw a proud look at Gu Chaoyan.

She was sure that Gu Chaoyan was never going to add any more upon the price.

She could not possibly have that much money to buy one single dress.

Even for a lady like her, 1000 was almost out of her saving.

“So, ugly girl, you dont dare to add any more right You are not able to get that much money anyway, are you” Huo Wei said with a look of disdain.

Hearing what Huo Wei said, Lady Lian frowned involuntarily.

“2000.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly and smiled briefly with eyes upon Huo Wei.

Huo Weis face twisted.

How dare this ugly girl add so much more!

“3000!” Huo Weis shouted.

Her maid tugged at her sleeves, but Huo Wei was too excited to pay attention to the maid.


“5000” Huo Wei added without showing any weakness.

Gu Chaoyan blinked and said calmly with her gaze upon Huo Wei.

“If you like this dress so much, please take it.”

Having said the words Gu Chaoyan pointed at a yellow dress and said to Qing, “Qing, do you like this one”

Qing nodded.

Then she pointed at one dress for Sword One who liked it too.

Then they got everything packed up.

During the whole process, she ignored the angry face of Huo Wei.

She then got a few more for herself.

And everything cost less than 300.

Gu Chaoyan paid the bill directly.

Lady Lian looked at Huo Wei and reminded her.

“Miss Huo, that dress originally costs 80, but you offered 5000 extra, so it will be 5080 in total for you.

Are you going to pay that directly or pick something else first.”

5000… She did not have that much money at all!

“What do you mean 5080! If that dress is 80, it will stay as 80!” Huo Wei said angrily.

She had less desire to pick that dress when she saw what Gu Chaoyan got for her maids.

She was a lady, she was not going to wear the same dress as maids did!

“So Miss.

Huo, are you trying to get away from the payment” Lady Lian interrogated with a flat look on her face.


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