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Chapter 154: Surprise

Zhou Huaijin looked very surprised.

Gu Chaoyan showed some confusion too.

“What is it”

Zhou Huaijin regained his normal expression, fearing that his look would startle her.

He spoke in a very gentle tone.

“Nothing, Uncle Zhou just said that the second son of the Ministry of Revenue dropped dead at home today.”

He had arranged someone to fix this matter himself, but someone did it before him.

He was a bit surprised about that, but he thought that Yan was capable enough to deal with this matter.

No wonder she never got anxious about this arranged marriage.

However, none of the four guards were used.

Since when did she get her own forces

Zhou Huaijin could not figure this out.

Hearing Zhou Huaijin mentioning this matter, Gu Chaoyan was not surprised but explained calmly.

“Princess Virtue did it.

She gave me her word.”

“Princess Virtue” Zhou Huaijin thought about how Gu Chaoyan and Princess Virtue met earlier.

That was how it worked.

He smiled briefly.

He did not mind what happened.

Princess Virtue was a little cunning and she had her little plan.

That was what those princesses did in the palace.

“She will deal with whatever she has done, so dont worry.” Zhou Huaijin said with a smile and turned to Uncle Zhou.

“Uncle Zhou, how much money do we have in the mansion”

Asked this question, Uncle Zhou hesitated.

He turned to Gu Chaoyan subconsciously.

Zhou Huaijin frowned.

He did not like it when Uncle Zhou considered Yan as an outsider.

If not for his long days at the Lord Huais Mansion, he would have been replaced ages ago.

Uncle Zhou understood what Zhou Huaijin was like.

So he replied, “Six million gold, as for other things in the storage, I need to check the accounts.”

Before Uncle Zhou finished his words Zhou Huaijin turned to Gu Chaoyan and asked.


Gu Chaoyan gasped.

She had been in this era for not too long, but she did understand how much gold was worth.

Six million gold was worth everything she owned!

“Of course, half will do.

I will write you a contract after the payment.” Gu Chaoyan suddenly thought of something after saying these words.

“Oh, dont give the gold to me directly, put the gold in the bank, okay”

Zhou Huaijin nodded and smiled with a loving expression on his face.


“Now the important business is done, can we talk about some other business” Zhou Huaijin asked.

“What… business” Gu Chaoyan was confused.

Zhou Huaijin sized up Gu Chaoyan and said, “Dont you think that your clothes do not fit any more Let me take you on the street for some shopping.”

Gu Chaoyan looked at herself.

Her current clothes were a size larger, because she had lost more weight these days.

She had been too occupied with her own business to notice that.

So she just put on whatever she had.

Now, seeing Zhou Huaijins expectant expression Gu Chaoyan did not feel right to turn him down.

She nodded… “But we may not be able to do the shopping together right!” She was thinking about getting something else too.

Zhou Huaijin smiled.

Then he went into the room and became someone else when he came out of it.

“This will do, right”

“How did you do that!” Gu Chaoyan showed a curious expression.

Uncle Zhou saw him and said in fright.

“Lord, you cant go out in this way!”


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