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Chapter 149: From the Lin Family

After one nights consideration Gu Chaoyan found that selling the stores was indeed a wonderful method.

And Gu Chaoyan already got the candidate of the buyer.

Zhou Huaijin!

It was not very easy to survive in the capital.

Look at Mrs.

Gu who was running a useless business.

She had a garment store at such a wonderful place, but she was still selling the cheap garments.

So she had thought that it was because Mrs.

Gu was not good at doing business, but after a thorough consideration, she realized that Mrs.

Gu was not a stupid woman.

She should have some knowledge as a lady born in an official family.

If she was not stupid, why was she using the best store to run the most ordinary business

The only explanation was that that was the only business she was able to run.


The stores on Changan Street were all managed by the wives of those highly-ranked officers, and it was already a fixed thing which person ran what business.


Gu did not dare to run a luxurious business to steal their business, if she wanted to keep the stores.

Therefore, even if she took them over it was still a hot issue to deal with.

She wanted to make full use of the stores and earn a great deal of money from it.

So she had to devote herself to do the work.

However, with her social status and abilities, she was not able to make a big fuss without causing much trouble.

So she needed to get Zhou Huaijin involved.

She was going to sell half of her stores to Zhou Huaijin.

In this way, she was going to get the money and a supporter behind her back at the same time.

What a wonderful deal.

As she was thinking about these, Chaoyan kept planning.

“Miss…” Sword One called with a small voice.

When she saw how Miss behaved, she understood that something weird was going on.

“Sword One, we need to get out of the mansion today.” Because Gu Chaoyan was cheered up as she thought about the plan, she said it with a bright smile on the face.

Sword One felt that those managers were going to suffer a lot today.

“Which store are we going to visit today” Sword One asked.

Sword Four was going to do some work too, if she was going to visit the stores.

“None.” Gu Chaoyan smiled and said, “We are going to Lord Huais Mansion!”


Sword One looked confused.

What were they heading to the Lord Huais Mansion for Could it be because she missed Lord Huai That would make the Lord so happy.

“I will make preparations now.” Sword One said.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

When no one was around Gu Chaoyan sneaked into the space with her consciousness again to check up on the fruit trees.

She was startled.

The small saplings were now growing so rapidly with small fruits dangling back and forth.

The fruits were not ripe, but Gu Chaoyan felt that the fruits would become completely ripe by night.

What was more, Gu Chaoyan found that the space had been expanded.

If the situation went on like this, she was going to start her plan of getting the herbs in the mountains as soon as possible.

Otherwise the space would be wasted!

She was thinking about getting ordinary ginseng planted here so that they could become the valuable kind.

Gu Chaoyan was in the middle of her beautiful imagination when Qings voice arose from outside the space.

“Miss, someone from the Lin Family is here to see you!”


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