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Chapter 147: Not Working

“We dont need to turn it down.

This arrangement is not going to work.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly, paying no attention to the entire matter.

What Sword One was confused.

“How did you know that this matter wont work.” After all, none of them received the task to do anything.

As for this question, Gu Chaoyan smiled.

“Princess Virtue will help me to deal with this problem.”

“Princess Virtue!” Sword One was slightly startled.

The way she looked at her new mistress had slightly changed.

What she had known about her mistress was that she was capable.

However, she had no idea how capable she could become, but now, Sword One started to feel that she should pay more attention to the new mistresss abilities.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She did not think that Princess Virtue would refuse to keep her promise.

Princess Virtue might not need her at the moment, yet Princess Virtue was also worried that she would marry the officer of the Ministry of Revenue.

So Princess Virtue was definitely going to help.

She did not want to waste her time and energy upon this trivial matter.

As she was talking, they came to the Qiong Pavilion.

Seeing Gu Chaoyan here, Qing showed a smile.

“Miss, are these trees going to be planted in the yard We might need some laborers to help with the planting.”

Qing was very glad to see those fruit trees too.

Gu Chaoyan thought for a while.

“Sword One, tell Chen Fu to get some people to plant the fruit trees.

Qing, go and prepare some snacks.

I am starving.”

As the two girls heard the arrangement, they both set out to do the work.

Gu Chaoyan was the only one remaining in the yard.

She glanced about cautiously and saw that no one was within the sight.

Only now did Gu Chaoyan start to use her own consciousness to put some of the fruit trees into her space.

She was not sure if the method worked.

After all, she had never tried it before.

She closed her eyes.

Soon some fruit trees were moved to the space.

Gu Chaoyan was extremely pleased.

So it truly worked!

She then used her consciousness and transported more fruit trees inside again.

That amount of trees was enough.

Firstly, Qing and the other servants would notice that some of the fruit trees were missing.

Secondly, the space was not very huge, so the trees that were able to be planted were limited.

As long as the fruit trees grew well in the space, Gu Chaoyan would go and get some herbs to plant.

“Miss, the snacks are ready.” Qings voice arose, bringing Gu Chaoyan back to reality.

Gu Chaoyan started to walk inside the room.

“I will leave the rest for you to watch over.”

Qing nodded and ran off cheerfully.

Gu Chaoyan went back into the room, drank some tea and visited the space where she started to plant the trees.

Ten fruit trees already took up the entire place.

Gu Chaoyan was thinking about how to expand the space, which was not at all big enough at the moment.

Before she left, she used the spring from the well to water those trees.

As she left the space she got a bit tired too.

The consciousness consumed a lot of her energy.

At Begonia Yard.

When Mrs.

Gu heard how Gu Chaoyan behaved from the two page boys, she got so angry that her face was twisted.

With eyes widely opened, she bellowed.

“What! You said that she sent Gu Lin to the court!”

“How dare she! She must have done that on purpose!” Mrs.

Gu shouted angrily.

“Mom, I think it is time to give this bitch a hard time!” Gu Ruxue snapped angrily.


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