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Chapter 139: A Shocking Scene

Something more important

Gu Zhenkang and Mrs.

Gu exchanged a look with each other, not knowing what was happening.

As she mentioned that, Madame Gu showed a smile on her face.

“The officer of the Ministry of Revenue and his wife will be here tomorrow to take a look at Chaoyan.

After that, the marital arrangement between Chaoyan and their second son would more or less be fixed.

Princess Gu has set the arrangement, and she is not getting away from it.”


Gus face sank.

What did this ugly girl have to get this!

Gu Zhenkang looked pleased.

“If we can become the inlaws with the officer of the Ministry of Revenue, then the marriage would exceed that with Duke Changnings Mansion!”

Madame Gu nodded.

That was totally true.

The officer of the Ministry of Revenue was in charge of the Ministry of Revenue, which was one of the six ministries of the imperial court.

The Gu Mansion had never imagined that such an excellent marital arrangement would have ever happened to them.

Madame Gu found the whole thing so proper.

Compared to this, Gu Chaoyans request of the dowries seemed to be a rather small matter.

As she asked Gu Zhenkang and Mrs.

Gu to leave, Madame Gu walked towards the Pear Yard with confidence.

At the Qiong Pavilion.

Qing and Sword One were cleaning the room whilst Sword Two were tidying up the yard.

Madame Gu had gotten her men to clean up the new yard rather than the Qiong Pavilion, so she had to get her servants to do the cleaning herself.

Gu Chaoyan was drinking the tea in the room as she said, “Just clean up the trash, leave the rest there.

When I get hold of the stores and earn some money, we can hire some people to renovate the house for us.”

“Really” Qing asked expectantly.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Apart from renovation, she was going to plant some flowers here too.

She was just drawing the plan for the future of the Qiong Pavilion when Sword Three came running.

He panted heavily as he said, “Miss, something has happened!”

Gu Chaoyan almost upset her teacup.

She threw a helpless look at Sword Three.

When Zhou Huaijin presented the four guards to her, she thought that they were all hidden guards who did not talk or laugh much.

However, it seemed that they did have their own personalities.

Sword Three for example, was a hidden guard who got anxious easily.

She suspected if Sword Three was really a hidden guard.

“What happened” Gu Chaoyan asked helplessly.

“I was listening against the wall of the old aunt.

It seems that they are setting you up and even arranging a marriage for you!”


“Miss, arent you marrying Lord Huai”


“Lord Huai showed his intention so clearly today.

What is wrong with the Gu Family when they think about arranging a marriage for you! Lord Huai is so high in rank! Damn it!” Sword Three looked confused.

He thought that the whole Gu Family were just dumbasses.

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

The Gu Family was not dumbasses, nor was it because of Lord Huais rank.

Instead… “Lord Huai is just too far-fetched for them to think about.”


“He is high in status, so the Gu Family never thought that we can make a couple.”


“They dont think that a man like Lord Huai would ever like a person like me.”


“So how would they ever be able to understand Lord Huais intention” Gu Chaoyan said.

Actually, it was because her previous ugly face had left too deep an impression upon the public.

Even if she had become slightly better-looking now, they still considered her hideous.

And she had a bad reputation before and she had been divorced.

All of these would leave her out of the reach of Lord Huai in their opinions.

“So if you and Lord are getting married in the future, they will…” Sword Three did not dare to continue to imagine.


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