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Chapter 129: The Ferocious Woman

Lin Sen did not understand.

The Gu Mansion was a low-ranked family, and their lineal daughter was not qualified enough to be in charge of Rong Chuxuan.

And now, all she needed to do was to offer some help.

In this way, Chuxuan would be grateful towards her and give her a hand every now and then.

However, she was unwilling to do so!


Gu, you have been living here for just a couple of days.

You do not assume that you are the mistress here right, do you Dont be so arrogant, or you will regret it deeply.” Lin Sen reminded her with displeasure.

Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly.

Why not

However, Gu Chaoyan did not want to say what was in her mind.

What the future was like remained for everyone to see.

But… this guard thoughtly too highly of himself! An honor

“The youngest and the most skilled hidden guard” Gu Chaoyan countered.

“If that is the case, why did he fail to accomplish his mission Lord Huai ordered him to keep me safe, and that is something he has to obey and achieve.”


“If he fails to complete this mission, how should I continue to trust him as my hidden guard”


“I really do not have the intention of experiencing jail time again!”


“Just go home now.

I am not helping him! He made a mistake, and he has to accept the consequences.

If Lord Huais men can not bear the consequences, they are not qualified enough to stay by my side.” Gu Chaoyan said with a serious tone.

As far as she could tell Zhou Huaijin should improve his own men.

Zhou Huaijin was the noble Lord, who could be arrogant due to his social status.

But his guards behaved way too arrogantly – they ignored those whom they thought were unimportant.

If this continued, something unpleasant was definitely going to happen in the future.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head.

“Qing, see Guard Lin out, please.”

Gu Chaoyan had no intention of saying anything more.

She turned around and started to walk into the inner room.

Seeing her in this way, Lin Sen got both humiliated, startled and frightened.

He had not expected to be turned down, because they were the private guards of Lord Huai, even County Princess Anxi showed them great respect or even tried to flatter them.

However, Miss.

Gu was ignoring the favor they offered.

Lin Sen snapped angrily.

“What a heartless woman!”

Gu Chaoyan paused and threw a cold glance at Lin Sen.

Heartless Oh yes, she was indeed a heartless woman who used to be a killer, but he was not in the position to call her that, because she did not have to do him the favor.

Gu Chaoyan had not planned to dig deeper into this matter, but now she decided to do something about it.

“Me Heartless”

“You are not even helping with such a small matter, so you are a heartless woman! The Lord will never like a woman like you!” Lin Sen understood that she was not helping, so he snapped directly.

“Oh, well, I probably need to show you how heartless I am.” Gu Chaoyan said coldly and the next second, she scurried to Lin Sen and planted one silver needle directly into an acupoint.

With a loud clicking sound, she then broke Lin Sens arms.

Having done this, Gu Chaoyan clapped her hands, feeling satisfied with what she had done.

“What is it” Zhou Huaijins voice arose from a short distance away.

Lin Sen, who had looked annoyed, smiled.

The Lord was definitely going to hate this woman when he saw what she had done, he believed.


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