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Chapter 1184: No Regret 1

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Hearing what Second Concubine said, Chu Tian understood that she not only was aware of this incident, she was even a helper.

In this case, he decided not to say anything more.

He looked at Second Concubine and Chu Yeying and said seriously, “I have already turned down the proposal.

No lady from the Chu Family will be allowed to get married because she is pregnant.”


“Chu Yeying, drink the abortion soup and go to the Chu Familys temple for self-reflection.

The Chu Family will support you for the rest of your lie, but you should not think about marrying anyone.

You are not marrying the Gu Family, nor are you marrying anyone else.”




Jin, you have made a huge mistake in educating your child so she has done such a shameless thing, so you are going there with her!”


Having said this, Chu Tian turned around and left.

Chu Yeying and Second Concubine were both transfixed.

They just could not believe what had happened.

Chu Yeying only realized what happened, when Chu Tian and First Mrs.

Chu were about to leave.

What was going on She was ordered to abort the child and spend the rest of her life in the temple How could her father treat her like this He was going to sacrifice her life for the sake of Chu Xiwen

“Why! Why cant I marry someone good just because I am a concubines daughter Father! First Mrs.

Chu is sacrificing me because of Chu Xiwen, but father, I am your daughter, so why are you treating me like this Chu Xiwen is your lineal daughter, so for her sake, you are hurting me” Chu Yeying shouted, looking so unconvinced.

Chu Tian frowned deeply.

He just could not get what this daughter of his was thinking.

“Why does it have anything to do with Xiwen”


“You are where you are, because you dont obey the rules and you have done something shameless!”


“No lady from any noble family would get pregnant first before marrying someone.

You have broken the Chu Familys rules, so it is already a light punishment for me to let you stay at the temple!” Chu Tian said angrily.

Chu Yeying snorted.

“There is no rumor like this, because even if something like this happens, her father helps her to solve the issue, what about you, my father” Chu Yeying looked disappointed.

Chu Tian shook his head.

This daughter of his was totally hopeless.

“You have broken the Chu Familys rules, and you are being punished accordingly.” Chu Tian said, “If you are unconvinced and think that I am lying to you, then you can refuse to go to the temple, and marry the Gu Family, but as long as you marry the Gu Family, you will not be the Second Lady of the Chu Family, and you will not be admitted as the daughter of the Chu Family!”


“You can make your decision,” Chu Tian said tiredly.

Chu Yeying snorted.

She would rather die than spend the rest of her life at the temple.

“I can just give up my background! I am marrying Young Master Gu no matter what!” Chu Yeying said confidently.

She looked up at Chu Tian and First Mrs.

Chu, saying angrily, “You should not regret abandoning me! I will never help you if you ever run into any issues in the future!”

Chu Yeying glanced at the Second Concubine and said, “Mom, lets go to find the Crown Prince Consort! She will help us settle this!”

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