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Chapter 1183: Punishment 3

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She felt so irritated.

Her father just did not understand!

First Mrs.

Chu must have gotten anxious when she heard that Young Master Gu loved her and wanted to marry her, that was why she kept telling father not to approve of this marriage.

She knew what First Mrs.

Chu was thinking – she just hoped that Young Master Gu could fall for Chu Xiwen! If she married Young Master Gu, she was going to exceed Chu Xiwen in the future, and First Mrs.

Gu did not want a concubines daughter to exceed Chu Xiwen, thus stopping her from marrying Young Master Gu!

Now that she was definitely going to marry Young Master Gu, her father was still blaming her!

Okay, she was the concubines daughter…

So what A concubines daughter could also marry better than a lineal daughter!


The Crown Prince Consort was also a concubines daughter, but she was the Crown Prince Consort and the Phoenix Girl! She never believed that a concubines daughter would be worse than a lineal daughter!

“Now that I can marry someone so good as Young Master Gu, why do you need to ask First Mrs.

Chu to find a better suitor for me The Crown Prince Consort likes me, so does the Gu Family! Young Master Gu loves me too! Now I have their eldest grandson, so father, please, are you still trying to stop me You cant stop me!” Chu Yeying said straightforwardly, showing no fear.

Chu Tian got so annoyed that he burst into laughter.

How dumb she was! She was totally stupid! How could his daughter be so stupid!

He looked at Chu Yeying.

He did not even have the motivation to punish her personally.

Instead, he sneered as he looked at Chu Yeying expressionlessly.

“The Crown Prince Consort loves you Young Master Gu loves you and the Gu Family loves you Let me tell you straightforwardly, they dont love you, they love your family position! If not for the Chu Family, you would have none of these.”


“You are spoiled, because you are the Second Lady of the Chu Family! It is the Chu Family who are behind your back! But you dont want to listen to our arrangement, so you will have to answer to the consequences yourself!” Chu Tian snapped seriously.

“That is impossible!” Chu Yeying denied in disbelief.

She admitted that Old Master and Mrs.

Gu might have some thoughts like this, because the Gu Family were in high position and they needed to take interests into consideration, but the Crown Prince Consort and Young Master Gu could not have thought so.

The Crown Prince Consort was her best friend and Young Master Gu loved her truly.

She could tell that even if she was not the Second Lady of the Chu Family, Old Master and Mrs.

Gu might have a different opinion, but the Crown Prince Consort and Young Master Gu would never turn their backs at her.

Hearing Chu Yeyings words, Chu Tian gave up the intention of talking sense to her.

Now things were settled and she needed to think about the consequences.

He looked at the Second Concubine…

Second Concubine had many faults, but she had been with him since she was young, so he was tolerant towards her rather than picking on her, but she had made a huge mistake.

Finally, Chu Tian asked.

“Did you know anything about Yeyings plan”

Confronted with this question, Second Concubine got a bit startled, but there was no need to deny it.

She said straightforwardly, “Young Master Gu is a very nice man, so is the Crown Prince Consort.”

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