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Chapter 1182: Punishment 1

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“Of course it was because the Crown Prince Consort arranged someone to help me out.

The Crown Prince Consort is not just the Crown Prince Consort, she is also the Phoenix Girl, so it was a very easy thing for her to get me out of the mansion.” Chu Yeying looked at First Mrs.

Chu provokingly, and showed no fear.

In her opinion, it was a very good thing if she could marry Young Master Gu, and the Chu Family just did not get it! They were all so dull!

However, Chu Yeying believed that they would understand it soon, so she feared nothing.

Since the Crown Prince Consort was mentioned, Chu Yeying had nothing to fear but said straightforwardly, “Me and the Crown Prince Consort are good friends and she regards me as a sister.

She helps me with everything.

The Crown Prince Consort has been treating me so well that she takes good care of me and the Gu Family treats me well too!”

Chu Yeying felt quite confident, because she was going to marry the Gu Family and had nothing to fear.


The Crown Prince Consort and the Gu Family treated her well, and she even felt that they treated her more nicely than the Chu Family did.

The Crown Prince Consort might get a bit annoyed easily, but that was her only fault.

Whenever she realized that she had thrown her temper, she would grant her some gifts as compensation.

The Crown Prince Consort always made it up to her.

What about the Chu Family

She always received punishment whenever she made a mistake, and she never got any chance to correct herself.

Chu Yeying believed that it was her abilities that made her become friends with the Crown Prince Consort, while Chu Xiwen could not because the Crown Prince Consort did not like her.

She never wanted to hang out with Chu Xiwen whenever they ran into each other at any banquet.

She felt so cheerful as she thought of this.

She was trying to show off her relationship with the Crown Prince Consort with First Mrs.


Having said this, Chu Yeying said confidently, “Therefore, please approve of my marriage with Young Master Gu of the Gu Family!”

She was extremely confident about it.

When she thought of how the Gu Family treated her, she believed that she could get rid of the control of the Chu Family when she married the Gu Family!

Veins popped out of Chu Tians forehead.

That was so ridiculously stupid! How could he have a daughter like this!

Feeling furious, Chu Tian spoke between his clenched teeth and tried to prevent himself from hitting her.

He said with a pressed voice, “Yeying, when Second Concubine came to me and asked about the marriage between you and Young Master Gu, do you still remember what I said to you”


“I told you clearly that he is not a good suitor for you and the Chu Family would never establish any martial relationship with the Gu Family! And First Mrs.

Chu will choose a very good noble young master for you to marry.

You are the daughter of the Chu Family, so you will never need to suffer!”


“So why did you throw yourself at him when I told you clearly not to” Chu Tian said with a hoarse voice due to anger.


“Why do you never listen to me and First Mrs.

Chus words”

Hearing what her father said, Chu Yeying pursed her lips.

“Which other Young Master in the capital is better than Young Master Gu”

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