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Chapter 1181: Whole Story 4

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Hearing what the maid said, the Second Lady of the Chu Family smiled.

First, Mrs.

Chu had never had such an expression, because everything had been within her control so she had always looked calm.

However, things were different.

She had planned her own marriage and was going to marry the Young Master Gu from the most well-received Gu Mansion in the capital.

So since First Mrs.

Chu was unable to stop her, she could not be feeling happy.

This was the day Chu Yeying had been waiting for all this time.

Though she had not expected that the day would arrive so soon.

“I dont mind seeing her face even more twisted!” Chu Yeying smiled confidently.


When the marriage was settled, she would become the First Ms.

Gu of the Gu Family, which was the Crown Prince Consorts home, namely the Phoenix Girls home.

It exceeded the Chu Family in every aspect.

And she was going to make sure that First Mrs.

Chu and Chu Xiwen would never have a peaceful time in their lives ever again.


No wonder First Mrs.

Chu stopped her last time she mentioned this.

No wonder First Mrs.

Chu was wearing a terrible expression on her face now.

Feeling excited, Chu Yeying could hear the sound of footsteps approaching.

She could not help getting nervous.

Maybe it was because she was getting closer to what she desired so she felt really nervous.

The door was opened and Chu Tian and First Mrs.

Chu walked in.

Chu Tian looked at Second Concubine and Chu Yeying, who seemed not at all nervous.

Instead she was smiling, which made Chu Tian frown deeply.

When the mother and the daughter greeted them, Chu Tian asked straightforwardly as he turned to Chu Yeying.

“Old Master and Mrs.

Gu from the Gu Family came to make a martial proposal with Young Master Gu, saying that you are pregnant with his child.

Is this true”

Chu Tian sounded very strict, and his expression was even worse.

Hearing the question, Chu Yeying felt unusually calm.

She nodded.

“It is true, father.

Me and Young Master Gu love each other, so please approve our marriage.

Anyway, the Gu Family and our family are a good match!”

Hearing what Chu Yeying said, Chu Tian clenched his fists and veins popped out.

If not for First Mrs.

Chu, who was consoling him, Chu Tian would have hit his daughter directly.

He was trying his best to calm down.

Although what Young Master Gu said might have been true, he was still expecting to hear a confirming answer from Chu Yeying.

When Chu Tian heard the answer, he realized that everything was true.

So he had nothing else to say.

First Mrs.

Chu, who was the mistress of the family, needed to hear the confirmation.

She asked as she looked at Chu Yeying.

“When did this happen As far as I remember, you were grounded for three months, so how did you sneak out of the mansion and sleep with Young Master Gu”

First Mrs.

Chu asked because she needed to hear the whole story.

Hearing First Mrs.

Chu asking this question, Chu Yeying showed a proud look on her face.

Did First Mrs.

Chu believe that she could be grounded for real just because she said so She was not that easily punished.

So she answered First Mrs.

Chu directly.

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