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Chapter 118: Chaoyans Whereabout

The sudden noise made Zhou Huaijin withdraw his hand.

He was flushing, as his heart started to beat nervously.

He inhaled.

Since when did he start to get so excited

He got up and poured himself a cup of tea, finally calming himself down after a few sips.

Gu Chaoyan slept very calmly and peacefully.

However, it was not calm outside the mansion.

The Chiefs hands were chopped off in his own office, whilst Madame Duke Changning and the Prince got so terribly injured that they were carried back home to Duke Changnings Mansion.

All of this work was done by Lord Huai.

No one apart from the King in the Saint Divine Land dared to counter Lord Huai.

Nevertheless, for people of the Saint Divine Land, it was quite normal that Lord Huai had done such a cruel thing.

He had been known for being cruel, look at the daughter of the minister, who had her arms chopped off by his order.

The chief and Madame Duke Changning were not even worth mentioning!

Ordinary people talked about these gossips between tea and drinks.

They had no idea why Lord Huai did this.

What they knew was that Lord Huai was a cruel man.

However, at the Gu Mansion.

When Madame Gu heard the news, she turned pale in fright.

“Chen Fu, are you sure about that”

Chen Fu nodded and could not even breathe.

“I am sure! When Madame Duke Changning was carried out of the office, she was covered with blood! The Prince was in a coma! And… the Chief got his hands chopped off! Our miss is not in the cell any more, rumor goes that….”

Chen Fu looked up at Madame Gu.

He just heard the rumor about his Miss, but did not see it with his own eyes.

He had no idea whether he should say what he was going to say.

Madame Gu was still in the middle of processing the shocking news.

She had not gotten the time to answer Chen Fu.

Gu Zhenkang had lost his patience.

“What happened to the ugly girl Did she get beaten to death by Lord Huais men I knew nothing good would come out of this girl, now both Madame Duke Changning and the Prince were dragged down!” Gu Zhenkang shouted as he mumbled.

When Gu Ruxue knew that something happened to the Prince, she almost passed out as she mumbled.

“What happened to the Prince Sister is mean, how could she drag down the Prince!”

Madame Gu glared at the father and daughter.

“Just shut up!”

She got increasingly furious.

Her son, who had been weak and feeble, had been a smart person.

Ruxue, whom she had so much hope in, was pretty and intelligent, the most promising girl apart from Princess Gu, but now…

These two people still had no idea what the situation was like.

Chaoyan went into the cell, and the chief intended to privately punish her along with Madame Duke Changning and the Prince, so the whole thing happened.

It had nothing to do with Chaoyan dragging them down!

“Where is Chaoyan, tell me, now! We can go and get her!” Madame Gu asked.

She might be with the Lin Family now.

Qing went to beg for help, and the Lin Family came to rescue her.

So Chaoyan should be with the Lin Family now.

However, for whatever the reason was, she must not stay at the Lin Family for too long, what if they developed ties with each other, what was the Gu Mansion going to do

“It seems that she is at the Lin Family, Chen Fu, get the wagon ready, we are getting her back,” Madame Gu said.

“Madame Gu, she is not with the Lin Family.” Chen Fu wiped off the sweat over his forehead out of nervousness.

“Where is she!”


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