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Chapter 1180: Punishment 3

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First Mrs.

Chu was very surprised but felt comforted too.

Prime Minister Chu was very down-to-earth and conventional, but gradually, First Mrs.

Chu realized how caring he could be.

For example, he was very just and fair in dealing with this matter – he gave her punishment yet he still helped her to get up.

After First Mrs.

Chu was helped up, the couple wore a serious and elegant expression on their faces, as they headed into the backyard together.

At that moment… the Second Lady of the Chu Family and Second Concubine were still in the room, looking very cheerful.


The Second Lady of the Chu Family was particularly happy.

She believed that Young Master Gu must have already finished with the proposal and the two mansions must have come to an agreement, but after a while, she felt a bit nervous for some reason.

She got up and walked to the window, looked outside and returned when she saw no one coming.

She let out a sigh of relief.

She felt that she must have been too exaggerated to be behaving like this, so she asked her maid to keep an eye out for her to see when her father and First Mrs.

Chu arrived.

If the maid passed on no message, it meant that she couldnt see anything outside the window.

“Young Master Gu has been here for so long so why has the news not yet arrived There should not be any problems!” Second Concubine said, feeling a bit worried.

Although they did not think that there would be any problems, she still felt worried since she did not have any power and was not considered important at home.

What if First Mrs.

Chu wanted to stop them from getting happiness

After all, Elder Miss already passed the age for marriage and yet she had not found a suitor.

So she would definitely be calculative!

Second Concubine started to feel increasingly worried.

Hearing what her mother said, the Second Lady of the Chu Family said with confidence.

“Mom, dont worry, it is a settled thing! First Mrs.

Chu might try to convince father when they share a bed, but I am pregnant with Young Master Gus child, so I will definitely marry the Gu Family!”


“Also, this child is the Eldest Grandson of the Gu Family, and the Gu Family would not give their grandson a hard time.

Father will lose a lot if he disapproves of the marriage, and the Chu Family will lose a lot!”


“The Chu Family will not take the risk and the Gu Family will not make me and the child suffer!”


“Mom, what are you feeling worried about” The Second Lady of the Chu Family asked and smiled with confidence.

Second Concubine nodded.

That was true.

Otherwise she would not have agreed that Yeying should go through with this plan and helped her to sneak out of the mansion.

After all, the Crown Prince Consort supported this marriage with a full heart so there should not be any accidents.

She was not smart enough so she only had a low position at the mansion, but Yeying had her own ideas and plans, so nothing should go wrong.

She was going to wait for Yeying to receive happiness so that she could have a good time in her old age.

The mother and the daughter looked very satisfied when the maid hurried in.

She smiled.

“Second Lady, Second Concubine, the Prime Minister and First Mrs.

Chu are here.

First Mrs.

Chus expression looks so twisted.

I am glad to see an expression like that on her!”

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