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Chapter 1179: Whole Story 2

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First Mrs.

Chu was so shocked when she heard that.

She paused her steps.

The Second Lady was pregnant with Young Master Gus child That basically meant that they already made up their minds to be together privately and even slept with each other.

However, after a while, First Mrs.

Chu realized what was going on.

She was not only shocked but startled.

Some time ago the Second Lady did express that she wanted to marry the Young Master of the Gu Family, but the Chu Family dispproved of the marriage, and she thought that Second Lady, despite her stupid mind, would not do such a bold thing!

She had been so selfish that she only considered herself and not anyone from the Chu Family!


She couldnt even imagine what consequences the Chu Family would have to face because of what happened!

First Mrs.

Chu looked extremely worried as she hurried to the front hall.

The moment she arrived at the hall, she saw Chu Tian and Madame Chu, she kneeled down with a serious look on her face.

“What happened with Yeying was my fault, I have no opinion against being punished!”

Madame Chu was silent.

It was so important that it went beyond the issue of families, so the master of the Chu Family should be the decision maker.

Anyway, she was already too old to care about the affairs at the mansion.

She never asked First Mrs.

Chu how she did with the mansion affairs, and she did not blame her for this mistake.

She was just very annoyed by how the Second Ms.

Chu had acted.

Chu Tian looked at First Mrs.

Chu and said with a hoarse voice.

“You have learned what happened.”

He subconsciously wanted to help First Mrs.

Chu up.

She was his wife and was no longer young so he could not stand seeing her in this way, but they were talking about the rules at the moment.

Then he looked at First Mrs.

Chu and continued with his speech.

“What happened to Yeying is part of your responsibility.

Yeyin was not born by you, but she is a part of the family.

You are the mistress of the Chu Family so they should all be your children in some way.

They address you as Mother, and yet you were totally unaware of how this affair happened at the mansion, so you have to be punished too.

But that will be left to later when the whole thing is dealt with.”


“There are rules, but the punishment will not be severe.”


“Yeying has always been taken care of by you, and you are always fair.”


“And it has been Yeyings fault since she was the one who has done such a shameless thing.”


“So get up now.”


“How to deal with you is my own decision, but you are the mistress of the family, so you and I should go to the second concubines place to see what you should do with them.”


Having said this, Chu Tian got up, took a few steps forward, reached out towards First Mrs.

Chu and helped her up.

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