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Chapter 1178: Whole Story 1

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The housekeeper nodded, looking worried.

He had been working for the Chu Family for decades.

His family had been working for the Chu Family as well, so he had grown up with the Chu Family.

Despite his position as the housekeeper, he still regarded the Chu Family as his own.

The Chu Family was a noble family in the capital, and nothing major had happened during the past few years.

What happened to the Second Lady was the first incident that happened to the family during the past few decades, and yet a housekeeper like him felt so complicated inside.

He had never expected that a fair, just man like Prime Minister Chu would have had a daughter like that! Before the Gu Family appeared, no one from the mansion heard anything about this.

The housekeeper sighed and hurried to pass on the message to First Mrs.



First, Mrs.

Chu was still reading the billing accounts in her own yard.

It was already May and soon June was arriving, and hot days were coming.

The servants, which were as many as more than hundreds, already started to get changed into summer clothes so First Mrs.

Chu was busy sorting through the delivery process.

Therefore, First Mrs.

Chu was too busy to be aware of what happened in the front yard.

When the housekeeper arrived, First Mrs.

Chu was slightly surprised to see him.

With a brush-pen in her hand, she continued writing as she asked politely, “Third Uncle, what brings you here”

The housekeeper was from the Yu family, and his family had been working for the Chu Family throughout generations.

There were three sons who were in the same generation as the housekeeper, and he was ranked as the third, so he was addressed as Mr.

Third when he was younger, but now that he was serving Prime Minister Chu and First Mrs.

Chu, he was addressed as Third Uncle out of respect.

Hearing how First Mrs.

Chu addressed him, the housekeeper felt as if he had been considered as part of the family.

The housekeeper was very worried about the family and First Mrs.


He greeted her, then he said worriedly, “Madame Chu, it is about the Second Lady, the Prime Minister is asking for you to meet him.”

First Mrs.

Chu, who had been busy writing, stiffened when she heard the message.

A drop of ink fell from the brush-pen onto the white rice paper, but First Mrs.

Chu ignored the imperfection and put away the brush-pen.

She glanced at the housekeeper.

“What happened to the Second Lady”

First Mrs.

Chu did not know what happened, but judging from the way the housekeeper talked, she could tell that what happened might not be good.

Normally, she was not disturbed unless something serious really happened.

First Mrs.

Chu could not stand it any more.

She stood up quickly, passed on some orders to her maid and hurried towards the front yard.

The housekeeper kept her company.

He started speaking and recounted the whole story, “Madame Chu, it is about the Second Lady.

The Gu Family came to make a marital proposal, saying that the Second Lady is already pregnant with the Young Masters child and they wanted the Prime Minister to marry her to him.

But the Prime Minister turned him down and asked me to bring you there.”

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