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Chapter 1177: Weighing 2

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Gu Yunhes face, which had been relaxed, stiffened instantly.

So Chu Tian decided not to bow

Gu Yunhe was so angry that he laughed.

He looked at Chu Tian furiously, “Very well, Prime Minister Chu, I hope that you will never regret not taking my kindness today!”

Gu Yunhe got so angry that his face was twisted, as he smacked the teacup on the table, so the cup cracked.

He angrily looked at Gu Zhenkang and Mrs.

Gu, saying, “Lets leave! What are you staying here for”


Gu Zhenkang looked very worried – what did he mean Did he mean that he was unable to marry Prime Minister Chus daughter What should they do Gu Zhenkang was busy thinking about what happened when he tugged at Gu Yunhe, telling him to talk in a more friendly way to Prime Minister Chu.

However, Gu Yunhe glared at him and turned to Mrs.


“Lets leave, mom!”

The three of them left the mansion together.

Gu Zhenkang was still wearing an expression of worry and disappointment.

He had been looking forward to seeing the success of the marriage.


Gu, who said nothing at the mansion, smiled brightly as she came out of the room.

She had been silent even when she heard the failure of negotiation.

“Yunhe, you dont have to be so angry, I dont think it is a bad thing that the proposal failed.

I never thought that the Second Lady of the Chu Family would be a good match to you!”


“Lets see, the Second Lady of the Chu Family was born by a concubine, and you could marry a concubines daughter if you want to, but the First Lady of the Chu Family is definitely better.”


“Also, she simply has no principles.

She is not even engaged and has already gotten pregnant.

We cant marry a woman like this, Yunhe, she isnt good enough.”



“Leave the rest to the Crown Prince to deal with Prime Minister Chu.”


“And you can pick a better one,” Mrs.

Gu said with satisfaction.

She did not care about Prime Minister Chus stubbornness.

“Well, I think that the lady from the Chu Family is good.

She is the daughter of the Prime Minister!” Gu Zhenkang said.

“No need to hurry, they still have a lineal daughter, dont they” Mrs.

Gu snapped.

Gu Zhenkang found that reasonable and said nothing more.

Hearing this… Gu Yunhe thought of an idea.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family was just a concubines daughter, so he could just give her up if the Chu Family did not approve of this marriage.

He could marry the First Lady of the Chu Family instead, she was definitely better!

Only then did Gu Yunhe feel slightly less annoyed.

However, he did not feel so sure after what had happened.

He was going to make a complaint to someone.

Gu Yunhe looked at Mrs.

Gu and Gu Zhenkang.

“You can go home first, I am going to visit the Crown Princes Mansion.”


Gu nodded and left with Gu Zhenkang.


At the Chus Mansion.

Chu Tian was still seated on the chair, after the Gu Family left.

He had a very twisted look on his face.

He still could not understand why his daughter would be so stupid as to be easily seduced, and why she never thought about the whole mansion, or mention this to him, allowing the Gu Family to take advantage of them.

Chu Tian sounded hoarse as he said, “Housekeeper, go and fetch First Mrs.

Chu for me.”

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