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Chapter 117: Spoiling

Zhou Huaijin did not reply to her directly.

His eyes were still upon Gu Chaoyans wound, as his long fingers discreetly dabbed medicine upon it.

He behaved so carefully as if he were worried that she would get hurt.

She had lived two lives, but it was the first time for her to be spoiled in this way.

Tears suddenly swelled up to her eyes.

Zhou Huaijin, who had just done the dabbing, looked up and saw Gu Chaoyan who had a pair of watery eyes.

He got concerned and wiped her tears.

Then a fold appeared upon his beautiful forehead.

“Why are you in tears Dont worry, I am not selling you away.”

“…” Gu Chaoyan was speechless.

That was not what she was worried about, alright

“We are on the way to my mansion.

You are injured and we have got excellent imperial doctors who can treat you.

So no scars will remain.” Zhou Huaijin explained patiently.

Gu Chaoyan turned to Zhou Huaijin.

He was the noble Lord Huai, inferior to just one man in the entire land.

And he was so good-looking as well! And he was treating her so well.

What a perfect man he was, but why was he being so nice to her

The first time they met, she called him a maniac, but he was not…

So why….

She threw a look at Zhou Huaijin, trying to see through him.

A long while later, she asked, “Why, why are you treating me like this”

Zhou Huaijin shrugged.

“I am a hypocritical man and you are a rude woman, we are meant to be together.” Having said these words, he stretched out his hands to caress her face.

“Alright, no more thinking, close your eyes and take a break.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She would not ask any further, if he refused to tell her anything more.

She had been kept in the cell for a long time, starved and injured.

So much had happened, so Gu Chaoyan was indeed tired.

She fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes.

The wagon from Lords Mansion was very comfortable to ride in.

As they came to Lord Huais Mansion, Gu Chaoyan was still asleep.

Instead of waking her up, Zhou Huaijin carried her back into Lord Huais Mansion discreetly.

Zhou Huaijin did not think that anything was wrong with it, since Gu Chaoyan was still sleeping, but the scene exploded inside the entire Lord Huais Mansion.

What happened to their Lord Huai who had never had a girl before Now he was carrying one home

Honestly, apart from the necessary maids, everyone else in the Lord Huais Mansion was a man!

And Lord Huai did not seem to have shown any interest to any girls either.

The experienced housekeeper, namely Uncle Ji, quickly arranged people to take care of the girl.

Gu Chaoyan, who was sleeping deeply, had no idea that her appearance had dropped a big bomb in Lord Huais Mansion.

It was a very long slumber, but Zhou Huaijin had been guarding her side all this time.

The maid of the mansion had just cleaned Chaoyans body for her, and got her a new set of clean clothes.

She removed the hairpin, so her hair was loose.

Her hair looked extremely beautiful, raven black and smooth.

Gu Chaoyan had been using magical water to clean her hair, which worked well.

In slumber, she looked clean and clear, just like a baby.

Zhou Huaijins gazed paused upon Gu Chaoyans lips.

The sleeping girl looked very lustful with her soft lips facing upwards, and the corner of her lips slightly arched.

Zhou Huaijin reached out for her, as the finger-tip swept over her lips, They were so supple, that Zhou Huaijin could not help but want to touch more.

From her lips, the fingertip trailed to her neck.

Gu Chaoyan made a small sound in her sleep.


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