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Yiyue said straightforwardly next to them.

“You failed to touch our master after so many attempts, and she brought you down with just one single kick.

She is not lucky, it is you who are too incapable.

There is a huge difference between you two, and yet you are even saying the master is only lucky!”

Yiyue felt that this man did not have any self-awareness.

“You know nothing!” Shang Ling snapped straightforwardly.

Sword Three came to stop Shang Ling quickly.

Seeing these people, Gu Chaoyan was actually quite satisfied by what Xiao Jin had done, and she believed that many of them could be well-trained.

Gu Chaoyan did not think that all of them were suitable, though it was already very capable of Xiao Jin to have recruited so many people within such a short time.

Gu Chaoyan said to the gang.

“Xiao Jin is right, you can leave if you dont want to stay with me, I wont force you to stay and I will also give you plenty of money if you want to leave.

And those who are willing to stay would not necessarily be accepted.

Only those who can pass my examination will be allowed to stay.”

“I will give you plenty of money to settle down, if you choose to leave.

If you remain, we will pay you too.

As for how you are paid, Xiao Jin will tell you the specific information.

But we have our rules, so you cant just idle around.”

Having said this, Gu Chaoyan nodded, then she left.

Sword Three remained to deal with what was left behind.

Xiao Jin said with a tone of apology, “Elder Miss, sorry, it is my fault for not having done it properly.”

“You already did a great job, but we need to filter those whom we need, so you dont need to stress,” Gu Chaoyan said.

“Elder Miss, I dont think Shang Ling needs to be kept, what is the point of wasting the energy to deal with him” Xiao Jin said.

“He is just an example set to show the unconvinced ones.

Yiyue is very straightforward, but few are like her,” Gu Chaoyan said helplessly.

She started to admire Zhou Huaijin for how he developed Shadow Door into what it was now.

He was such a powerful person.

It would take some more effort to establish Xinlin Gate properly.

When they left the playground Xiao Jin took Gu Chaoyan to her room, which was kept when the yard was first bought.

She was the master, so her accommodation was the most important.

He could make adjustments for the others.

Gu Chaoyan decided to spend a few more days there so that she could arrange everything properly.

She needed to set rules for Xinlin Gate as well as a plan of how to train those people.

Gu Chaoyan was bent over the desk until very late at night.

Sword One urged her many times to take a break, before getting down to business the following day.

Gu Chaoyan fell asleep directly after the long day.

It was not until midnight, when Sword One received Sword Fours message suddenly.

She had to wake up Gu Chaoyan, who became clear-minded the moment she woke up.

“What is going on” Gu Chaoyan asked with a serious look on her face.

Sword One never made her wake up unless it was something important.

Sword One always allowed her to take as much rest as possible.

So something important must have happened for her to do this.

Therefore she was extremely alert.

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