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Chapter 1156: Suggestion 2Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Jinxing had worked for First Ms.

Min for over a decade, and she was the Head Maid, who served by First Ms.

Mins side.

Jinxing was always with her except for some special banquets and meetings, so almost every noble person in the capital knew who Jinxing was.

It was always she who passed on the message when First Ms.

Min needed to tell someone else something, and everyone at the mansion treated her nicely.

No one dared to counter her.

So Jinxing was used to being treated like this, and she had her own methods of dealing with different issues.

For example, Jinxing believed that Elder Miss Gu was easy to deal with, so she decided to save some time and finish the task as fast as possible, so that she could tell her master what she had done.

The reason why First Ms.

Min wanted to meet Elder Miss was because she liked the cream.

And she asked her to go there because she wanted to get more cream from her, but that was not something she was going to say personally, so she needed to make the suggestions for her sake.

She believed that Xinlin Mansion and Elder Miss Gu knew what they should do after hearing the suggestion.

She also saved a lot of time too.

Having said this, Jinxing waited to bring Elder Miss Gu back to the Min Mansion.

Sword One was not very pleased.

The Min Family was so arrogant.

It was an insult for Elder Miss.

It looked as if the Min Mansion was doing Elder Miss an honor.

Sword One passed on the message with a sunken expression.

Gu Chaoyan was in the middle of reading something when she saw Sword One arriving with a bad expression on her face.

She looked up and asked, “What does the Min Family want”

“First Ms.

Min is asking you to visit the Min Mansion, and she says that she loves the cream you gave her.

I am thinking that she wants to get the cream from you!” Sword One snorted, feeling really displeased.

Gu Chaoyan was slightly surprised.

The cream was what she gave to Madame Min.

Gu Chaoyan gave the thing to Madame Min because she did not think that jewelry would move them, and cream would work better.

Gu Chaoyan truly had no idea what else she could offer to them.

Gu Chaoyan did not think that Madame Min would use it, and she did not expect that she would open the birthday present on the very day.

However, she was asked to give them some more cream.

She knew that the cream worked well.

It helped to lift the color, and that was why First Ms.

Min urgently needed it.

She had as many bottles of cream as she needed and she could give them away as presents, but…

If not for what happened the day before, she would have given it to the Min Family for the sake of Mrs.


However, what happened the day before already irritated Gu Chaoyan.

The Min Family was so calculative even though she had done so much for them.

That was why Gu Chaoyan did not want to hang out with the Min Family.

She was not going to visit the mansion, but she could offer the cream.

“Sword One, just return the message saying that I am not in a good condition to leave the mansion today, but if First Ms.

Min loves my cream, she can buy it from me with money, 2,000 liang for one bottle.”

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