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Chapter 1147: Slap on Face 5Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Junyi meant that he was not going to give her an easy time

Zhou Huailing felt uncomfortable as he unsurely smiled.

“Just drop it, Junyi, you are a man and she is a woman.

We can deal with Lord Huai, so she wont have an easy life either.”

Hearing what Zhou Huailing said, Junyi brought himself back.

He had been stupid.

What was he doing, being mad at a woman

He could just teach Lord Huai a lesson, and she would suffer too.

There would be one day, when she would regret treating him so badly.

When he finished venting his anger, he noticed that the Crown Prince was next to him, rather than keeping Madame Min company.

He asked confusedly, “Crown Prince, why are you not with Madame Min”

Zhou Huailing snorted.

He had already expressed his concern a while ago, and he could not stay there all the time.

What was he, a Crown Prince doing next to a patient He had no time for that.

So he came out of the room.

“I left the Crown Prince Consort there with them.

Madame Min is a woman, so the Crown Prince Consort is more suitable to be there.

I am a man, it is not okay for me to be around.

With the Crown Prince Consort showing our concern, I can just have some medical supplements delivered, and that is all.

I have shown my offer to the Min Mansion, and they should know what they ought to do,” Zhou Huailing said confidently.

Junyi was still quite worried and hesitant.

He would not have worried about the Crown Prince Consorts presence there, if she had been a boring, plain woman, but the Crown Prince Consort was too stupid to behave properly.

What if she caused some other trouble there

Otherwise, he would not have asked the Crown Prince to show his concern personally.

There were other more elegant ladies at the Crown Princes mansion who were more suitable to be present for such a banquet, but the Crown Prince Consort did not want them to show up.

Junyi was very concerned.

It was very important for the Min Family to support them, especially after Lord Huais fiance cured Madame Min.

The support of the Min Family became even more important.

He would like to get the whole thing to work smoothly, but the Crown Prince had apparently lost his patience.

It was such a difficult thing to deal with.

For a moment, Junyi had no idea what else he could do.

However, he was a man so he could not get involved so easily.

He just hoped that no more mistakes would arise.

As Junyi was thinking this… he started to make a plan about how to bring down Lord Huai.

He had not had this idea before, but at this moment, he decided to make a plan, because he was humiliated.


Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin were already on the way back in their wagon.

Zhou Huaijin had been picked on by Zhou Huailing in the front hall too, but he dodged it all.

He did not interfere with Chaoyans behavior at the Min Mansion, because he trusted that she could do it well.

Many things happened today.

Zhou Huaijin asked.

“You dont seem to like Junyi, I can let my men get rid of him.”

“No need,” Gu Chaoyan said straightforwardly.

“Why not” Zhou Huaijin asked.

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