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Chapter 114: Stay-Home Wife

As the lethal voice arose, everyone in the cell shivered, especially the chubby chief whose whole body was shivering.

He had never expected that this lethal man would have stepped into his small Government Office.

He flopped onto his knees and kept kowtowing.

“Greetings, Lord Huai, long life to you!”

Madame Duke Changning understood what happened.

She rolled over onto her knees and pulled Lu Jiming down too, despite her messy hair.

They two bowed.

“Greetings, Lord Huai, long life to you.”

Instead of taking a look at those people who were on their knees, Zhou Huaijin walked straight towards Gu Chaoyan and looked at her with scorching eyes.

He had not checked up on her these days because of his busy schedule, and she had lost a lot of weight.

Then he noticed the blood on her clothes.

Zhou Huaijins heart squeezed, and he frowned.

“Damn it, who did it”

He had arranged his hidden guard Rong Chuxuan to stay by her side.

He thought that with Rong Chuxuan next to her, she would not be injured.


She not only got wronged and ended up in prison, but also got injured within such a short period of time.

He turned to the man in black, looking lethal.

Rong Chuxuans heart skipped a beat.

Since when did this woman become so important in Lords heart

However, it was not time to deal with him now.

Zhou Huaijin said with a gentle and consoling voice, “Yan, tell me, who hit you”

Madame Duke Changnings legs were shivering.

So Lord Huai was going to seek justice for this ugly girl!

Why Why did Lord Huai show so much concern to this ugly girl What was she going to do

Now she was praying inwardly that this ugly girl would be smart enough to understand that Duke Changnings Mansion and the Gu Family were in relationship, and that without Lord Huais help in the future, she would make her pay.

Seeing Gu Chaoyan not speaking, Duke Changning let out a sigh of relief.

Yet just as she had let out the sigh of relief, Gu Chaoyan pointed at Madame Duke Changning.

“She did it!”

Madame Duke Changning looked up and glared at Gu Chaoyan, hoping that she could understand what she meant.

Gu Chaoyan looked at her in composure.

“Madame Duke Changning, dont you remember what I said a while ago If you dared to touch me, I will make you pay.


Madame Duke Changning turned pale.

She was praying that she would drop the issue, but the next second, Gu Chaoyan said without hesitation, “Now I got two whips from you, you will get 20.”

The words had just been spoken when Gu Chaoyan turned to Zhou Huaijin.

Zhou Huaijin nodded and glared at the fat Chief.

“You want me to do it”

The fat chief got the point and said, “Someone, hit her now! Twenty lashes!”

Several guards came in to deal with the matter.

No one dared to counter Lord Huais order.

The guards spared no efforts, and started to hit Madame Duke Changning directly.

She screamed out of extreme pain, but Gu Chaoyan did not even blink.

Lu Jiming, who was on his knees, could not stand it any more.

He crawled to Lord Huais feet and shouted anxiously, “Lord Huai, we are from Duke Changnings Mansion, how can you punish my mother for the sake of a stay-home woman Lord Huai, have you been seduced by this ugly woman!”


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