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Chapter 1134: The Birthday Banquet at the Min Family 5Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

That was the second time for the Second Lady of the Chu Family to meet Gu Chaoyan, apart from the first time at the Spring Hunt, when Gu Chaoyan was dressed in a plain-colored dress with no expression on her face.

She had looked slender and pretty, but she was not very striking among all the noble ladies in the capital, because the birthmark on her face was way too conspicuous.

People tended to see the birthmark on her face first, and believe that she was not very pretty, but she did possess an okay temperament.

However… this time, she looked very different.

Dressed in a set of red clothes, with her fair skin, she looked exceptionally beautiful.

And she had a relatively cold air, which was a huge contrast with the exaggeratingly red clothes which made her look very beautiful.

She might not be the best looking, yet she was the most exceptionally beautiful.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family might be born by a concubine, but she had, after all, grown up in the Chu Family.

So she had seen many noble ladies and princesses of other countries… but none of them looked as beautiful.

Even the Crown Prince Consort was not a match.

That was what she was thinking.

However, Gu Chaoyan would not have a great end because she was hated by the Crown Prince Consort and she was engaged to Lord Huai.

What a pity!

The Second Lady of the Chu Family expressed some gratified emotions inside her heart, before she turned to the Crown Prince Consort.

The Crown Prince Consort was, by this point, really angry and her face was twisted.

Her eyes cast a fierce look, as her hands clenched tightly.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family gave a light cough.

Those dumbfounded ladies instantly brought themselves back, and the noise arose again.

Gu Ruxues fists were so tight that her fingernails were digging deep into the flesh, and her palms turned purple and blue.

Why! Gu Chaoyan should be an ugly woman! Why did she look so beautiful! She used to be chubby and fat.

Since when did she become so beautiful No! She should not become this pretty!

Gu Ruxue was crying inside her heart.

Seeing Gu Ruxues twisted expression, the Second Lady of the Chu Family whispered in her ears.

“Gu Chaoyan is so shameless.

She is still unmarried and yet she is already dressed in red! People would think that she just cant wait to marry Lord Huai! Her birth mother passed away ages ago, so she must not know any rules.

Lord Huais mother passed away not long ago, so they have to stay unmarried for at least two years!”


“I think that she is worried that Lord Huai will abandon her!”


“Lord Huai must be regretting right now! When they got engaged, Lord Huais mother was the Queen, and the King favored her, so she thought that her son could get engaged to any woman.”


“But now Lord Huai is having a bad time, and he must be thinking that if he marries a woman who had been deserted by her family it will be useless for him!”


“Look at how Lord Huai reacted just now… I know what Lord Huai is thinking!”


“That is why she got so well-dressed.

Look at her face, full of makeup, and she is trying to cover up her ugly birthmark with a brush!” Second Lady of the Chu Family kept babbling in front of Gu Ruxue.

Only then did Gu Ruxue feel slightly better.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family was right.

Gu Ruxue soon regained her rationality.

“Second Lady of the Chu Family, you know what you need to do later.” Gu Ruxue said, with a very low voice.

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