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Chapter 112: Not A Miss

He whispered.

“Your Miss hit Prince of Duke Changning”

Qing nodded.

The Old Masters heart sank.

The officer who went inside to pass on the message showed up again.

Seeing the wagon from Duke Changnings Mansion, he had no choice but said, “Old Master Lin, Chief said he has no time for you.”

The officer said the words and returned to his own spot.

When Madame Duke Changning and Lu Jiming got there, they did not notice the Lin Family, but went straight into the Government Office.

The guarding officers at the door bowed politely.

Seeing the scene, Qing kneeled down directly.

“Old Master, what should we do What can Miss do”

The Old Master looked helpless as well.

He had the intention of helping her, but he had no other method, since the officers did not give them the chance to meet the chief.

The money I had prepared could not come in handy.

“Didnt you hear The Chief refuses to see us.

There is nothing we can do.” Mrs.

Lin said quickly.

It was a 1000 note that could be saved, when the Chief turned them down.

Lin Jiashu made a circle on the spot, not knowing what to do.

Seeing that the Lin Family had no way out, Qing rushed out.

She started to beat the drum crazily whilst shouting loudly, “Our miss was wronged! Our miss was wronged!”

She had made some noise when she was brought in too.

“What are we going to do!” Lin Jiashu got anxious.

He intended to rush in, but the guards stopped him.

Unable to do anything, Lin Jiashu stood worriedly.

Seeing that, Mrs.

Lin consoled.

“What can we do We are just a business family who have no power against the Government! Also, even the Gu Family did not care about her, so we better go home.

She will be released after she gets punished.”

Hearing what Mrs.

Lin said, Lin Jiashu shook his head and said with determination, “No, I am waiting right here.”

Old Master sighed and got the point.

Madame Duke Changning must be very annoyed at the moment.

She would be fine after Madame Duke Changning vented her anger.

The Gu Mansion left themselves out of it, because they had no intention of offending Duke Changning.

“Lets just wait and see.

I believe that when Madame Duke Changning comes out, we can give them some money so that she can be released.” However, Chaoyan might have to suffer a little in the prison.

Inside the Government Office.

Madame Duke Changning came to meet the Chief with Lu Jiming whose face had become totally bloated.

Chief smiled courteously as he saw Madame Duke Changning.

“Madame, Prince, we have caught the girl.

She is now inside the cell.” Chief was displeased as he mentioned Chaoyan.

He said with a strange tone, “That lady of the Gu Family is very arrogant.

She behaved as if she were at her own home here,”

Madame Duke Changning smiled.

“She is not a miss.”


“If she were a miss, she would not have shoplifted.

If she were a miss, she would not have jumped into the lake.

And if she were a miss, she would not have been divorced.” Madame Duke Changning snorted.

“You have spoken too highly of her.

She has offended you, and you can do whatever you want with this nortrious lady!”

Hearing what Madame Duke Changning said, the chief regretted having done nothing with her except for cutting off her food source, just because he worried that she was the lady of the Gu Family.

He was the chief, and he could do whatever he wanted with this kind of woman!

Seeing Chiefs expression, Madame Duke Changning smiled.

“Where is she”


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