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Chapter 111: Too Late

Hearing what Mrs.

Lin said, Qing burst out in tears, but she had no one to turn to.

The Gu Family was ignoring them, so the Lin Family were the only ones who could help.

She kowtowed to them and as she looked up, blood already came out of her forehead.

“Please, Miss saved the Young Master, you have to help her!”

Seeing the scene, Old Master helped Qing out.

“Stop that now.

We are definitely helping her, but we are just a business family.

I am not sure if we can help.

Anyway…” Old Master turned to Lin Jiashu.

“Jiashu, go and get a note of 1000, we are visiting the Government Office.”

Lin Jiashu nodded.

He was worried too.

He had just walked out of the room when Mrs.

Lin gripped him.

“Did you forget what she said to you”

Lin Jiashu shook his head, sighed and still headed on.

Old Master looked at Mrs.

Lin, “Stay out of this matter, you are getting more stupid!”

“Why am I getting stupid!” Mrs.

Lin was unconvinced and caught up with them.

That was not a small amount of money for the Lin Family.

Lin Jiashu was efficient with the mission and soon brought out the note.

The two men headed out to the Government Office with Qing, with Mrs.

Lin insisting on tagging along.

The Old Master had to approve of it.

The Government Office was not very far from the Lin Family.

The capital city was a place full of important officers, so the chiefs mansion was not a very important spot.

That was why the mansion was located at the border of the capital city.

Although it was not a very important spot, for ordinary people, business families without background, or the Gu Family without any actual power, they were always easily administered.

They had just reached the door of the Government Office, when Lin Jiashu stuffed some money into the staffs pocket.

“Officer, we are here meeting the chief.”

The purpose was very obvious, as the money was stuffed.

The staff exchanged a look between each other.

“Which family are you from.”

Lin Jiashu did not dare to answer straightforwardly, but looked at the Old Master.

The Old Master said calmly, “We are from the Lin Family, and we are here for the Miss of the Gu Family.

She didnt make a huge mistake, cant Chief do something about it.” Old Master said as he stuffed some more money into the officers arms.

The officers weighed the money, then they nodded.

“Hang on here, we will tell the chief about it.”

Hearing these words, the Old Master felt calmer.

It seemed that money could solve the issue.

Then he nodded at Lin Jiashu.

Lin Jiashu let out a sigh of relief.

As for Gu Chaoyan… He had a very strange and complicated feeling towards her.

He did not hate her, but he was also curious why he resisted her at the beginning.

And what she said to him later annoyed him as well, and he was still annoyed by that.

What he wanted to see was whom this woman was going to marry, and if that man was truly better than him!

However, he never hoped that she would end up in prison.

He was going to save her, just to see what this woman could do.

The Gu Family was not a powerful family, and they were not going to get her a wonderful martial arrangement.

Lin Jiashu was just thinking inwardly, when some noise arose at the gate.

Lin Jiashu looked up and saw a few wagons coming to their way.

The wagons were not very luxurious but they were remarked, meaning that the wagons belonged to a family with a rank.

Old Master was confused too.

As he saw the marks of Duke Changnings Mansion on the wagon, he got startled.

“Are they too late”


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