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Chapter 1099: Slap on FaceTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“He can tell how Madam Gu treated him, and if he said that she treated him badly, then she did!” Madame Gu said directly, “You should understand what is important and what is not.

Madame Gu is dead, and the funeral has been arranged, you should not mention anything so unlucky.

What matters is the ones that are alive, and Yunhe is going to help the Gu Mansion to flourish!”


“Dont linger upon those small things.

You are now working at the Ministry of Personnel, how could you be even more narrow-minded than in the past”


“We are flourishing right now, and we need to have full consideration about what is going on.

It is just Madam Gus funeral, soyou dont need to do anything about it!”


“Or do you want Gu Mansion to go downhill instead” Mrs.

Gu snapped.

Gu Zhenkang nodded.

He did not want to linger on this matter, but Madam Gu was his mother, and he did not think that she had an easy life.

Now she was gone and her funeral had to be reduced.

He was thinking that Yunhe, as the elder grandson, should at least say goodbye to her.

However, Yunhe had a different attitude than he had expected.

It made him feel very uncomfortable.


Gu was right.

He had always dreamt about not getting laughed at for marrying a businesswoman back in his old position.

And he was going to make Gu Mansion the biggest mansion in the whole capital.

They were all heading towards this direction and they were soon going to become the biggest mansion.

His old colleagues would treat him nicely rather than laugh at him.

Although he had gotten everything he wanted, he was still feeling really uncomfortable inside his heart.

In the past, he had the say about everything, and Madam Gu, who was intimidating, did everything she could for his sake.

He was like the Old Master of the mansion.


Yet at the moment… Yunhe was working for the Crown Prince and had some power, and he did not obey his words.

Ruxue was the Crown Prince Consort and refused to listen to his words as well.

Even Mrs.

Gu, who used to respect him, refused to stand by his side.

The whole Gu Mansion seemed to be out of his control.

In the past….

When Ms.

Lin was still alive, and even when her father was working for the Imperial family, he never treated him like this.

So Gu Zhenkang felt really uncomfortable.


Gu did not lecture him any more, seeing that he was her husband.

“Okay, lets just drop it!”


“Yunhe doesnt feel happy so he countered you.”


“What matters the most is Gu Mansion.

Lin Jiaxing looked down at you right He did not think that you deserved his sister.

And Gu Chaoyan even said that you have chosen the wrong daughter and that she was going to be someone extraordinary.”


“You will see how they react, when you become the Kings father-in-law!”


“As for Madame Gu, Chen Fu is already taking care of it, so just drop it.

Yunhe is going to be in charge of the mansion in the future, so you should not irritate him!”

Gu Zhenkang said nothing more after he heard her words, so Gu Yunhe felt slightly more satisfied.

At Xinlin Mansion.

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